10 best cities to have a dog

Published: Thursday, March 28 2013 9:20 a.m. MDT

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mikebaird via flickr
Cost of a visit to the vet: $45.28

Walkability score: 49

Off-leash dog parks per 100,000 residents: 4.4

Score from dog owners: 63

In Las Vegas, Desert Breeze Park has gated sections for different sized dogs. This allows them to run off-leash in a safe environment.
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Chester Brough
Providence, Utah

We do not have places for our dogs to walk, or run, and parks are off limits totally. Logan is not a dog friendly place; if you take your dog, such as a sporting dog to enjoy the out of doors, and follow their instincts, you will always find someone, no matter how obscure of a location who expects you to always have your dog on a leash, even if you are teaching field commands?

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