Gun control debate: A sampling of recent bills proposed across the U.S.

Published: Thursday, March 28 2013 7:36 a.m. MDT

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Associated Press
Competing gun legislation is headed for a grand finale in the Georgia House and Senate, with the end of the General Assembly's legislative session due to hit Thursday.

Although stricter gun control measures have been introduced in the state, all eyes are on two House and Senate bills as lawmakers work to hammer out an agreement. In the Senate, leaders have approved legislation that would, among other things, require Georgia to recognize permits to carry firearms issued by other states, the Marietta Daily Journal reported Wednesday. In the House, legislation would allow students with a license to carry a firearm on parts of college campuses.

The Huffington Post reported that the House legislation would make Georgia the sixth state to allow concealed carry on most parts of college campuses, including classrooms and dining halls, although guns would be banned in dorms, at athletic events and in fraternity and sorority houses.

Rep. Butch Parrish wrote that the House bill would also allow guns in unsecured government buildings and K-12 schools — although not in areas designated as school safety zones, where only authorized school administrators could carry weapons. Churches would be able to "opt in" to allow people to bring in firearms rather than being required to allow guns.
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kearns, UT

At last, a voice of reason. Thank you Mike Calhoon.

kearns, UT

Even 40 votes is to many for this hate bill.

Mcallen, TX

Debate? No! It's government disarming it's citizens, and gaining control.

History will bare this out.

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