10 MORE extraordinary homegrown athletes

Published: Friday, April 15 2011 2:45 p.m. MDT

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Tom Smart, Deseret News
He was a three-time world all-around rodeo champion (1985-87) and was inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1992. He rode for both Utah Valley and Weber State and was elected to the Utah Sports Hall of Fame in 1997.
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American Fork, UT

I can't believe you have left out Donny Osmond who won Dancing with the Stars last year and worked out recently with Jake Heaps.

Woods Cross, UT

Cael Sanderson save maybe Merlin Olsen (who was sterling) is the best athelete to ever come out of Utah and possibly America. To be undefeated in the most demanding competive sport there is, and then to go on and lose one match internationally to a S Korean he later beat in the semi's on his way to winning a gold medal in Athens is unheard of in any sport anywhere. In his 2nd years as Penn State's head coach he won the NCAA championship going away. First time the title has been won by a school east of the Mississippi in over 50 years. Great person as well, like Olsen.....

Pleasant Grove, UT

Wow. Completely forgot about Jay Silvester, and he coached me - for a couple days, at least - at BYU. Great, great athlete.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Keith Lynch won 2 super stock world championships in drag racing in '82 and '83. It's borderline if that counts but worth a mention.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Much better but we are still missing some Utah greats! Mabye you could do a "100 Homegrown" listing 100 of Utah's finest. Just a thought.

Slim Shady 801
Bluffdale, UT

Bruce Harty....SI Cover boy in High School....ASU

Common Ground
Salt Lake City, UT

And don't forget Danny "Little Red" Lopez.

Cedar Hills, UT

You gotta have Alma Richards. Utah's 1st ever Olympian, and the most dominant Utah Olympian ever; even now nearly a century after his gold medal.

Provo, UT

At least this new list has Sanderson and Fullmer and at the top where they should be...

Ivins, UT

and Marvin Melville of US Olympics ski team. Great skier and a great person.

Holladay, UT

Still ought to have Haloti Ngata on this list, although maybe you didn't want to include someone still playing?

Cleveland, OH

You also forgot Tiffany Lott, track and field extraordinaire...

Heber City, UT

Let's see Gene turned professional in 1951, but retired in 1933 at age 32. He must have discovered the Fountain of Youth.

Highland, UT

Like this list. I actually think this list far exceeds the first list. Fullmer and Sanderson both AMAZING athletes.

Hey It's Me
Salt Lake City, UT

You need to add Jeff Judkins

Steve Timmins
Las Vegas, NV

Nice to see Logan Tom get some recognition. I'd like to add a couple of more that have earned enough to receive some attention.

David Zabriskie and Levi Lephiemer.

Both amazing, world class cyclists that have tons of international racing trophies to their credit. To this day, Zabriskie is still the only professional cyclist to have worn the leaders jersey in all three major tours: Italia, Espania, and France.

Oahu, HI

I like the idea of the 100 finest. Playing and non playing.

ogden, uT

Thanks for remembering Arnie. He has so many more accomplishments to add. One our family got to enjoy with him was when 26 members of his family went to Kansas City to see him inducted into the College Hall of Fame along with Charles Barclay, and Danny Manning. What an amazing man.

Woods Cross, UT

Wow. I didn't know Gene Fullmer retired in 1933 but continued fighting 25+ years.

Murray, UT

These lists are 'cute' but easy. It's nothing to look back and pick guys out. It just becomes a whining match about 'how come him, but not him?'

How about an under 25 list? 10 Kids that haven't made it yet but could or should?

If you wanted to try that, and actually have any accuracy at all, I'd be impressed.

Bountiful, UT

Man people just like to complain... and about the stupidest things. The first list wasn't great, but readers gave feedback and appropriately the DesNews responded. And what do we all do, complain again! These comment boards are turning into a whining and moaning forum only. There isn't much conversation that is helpful at all. And here I go complaining as well.

sports fan
Provo, UT

its time to retire these lists, they are ridiculous, you are never going to put every great utah athlete on them. and BTW desnews Lexi Eaton is the nations number 1 high jumper 5'10.5 inches how bout some recognition.

Cedar Hills, UT

To SLCguy - and of course, the primary goal of every credible journalist is to impress you.

Agree totally with freedysheddy.

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Much better list. Still think that Alma Richards needs to be on one of the 2. In no particular order I think Cael Sanderson, Gene Fullmer, Merlin Olsen, and Alma Richards are the top 4.

Danny Vranes led Skyline to the 76 and 77 4A state titles. And you did not mention it but Fred Roberts led Bingham to the 77 3A state title and the 78 4A state title. Pretty good era for High School hoops in Utah.

brian timothy
Lehi, UT

another unrecognized huge talent. Julie Waters (MV) high jumped 6' 1" .... in 1981 - long on the HS top 10 list.

Ogden, UT

How can the Deseret News leave Merlin Olsen off this list? WOW! Shame on your Deseret News Writers who complied this list!

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