25 most popular states to move to this year

Published: Wednesday, March 13 2013 4:31 p.m. MDT

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Ken Lund via flickr

Total population: 2,949,131 people

Amount of people moving to the state: -1,452

Percent of population change from moving interstate: -0.0492 percent

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Salt Lake City, UT

"25 most popular states to move to (??) this year"


Hmmm. What an odd list!?

The first 6 states (one of which, surprisingly to me, is Utah) have a net **negative** migration. That is, more people emigrated from these states than immigrated into them.

So, why are these states included on a list the headline declares them to be of, "...popular states to move **to**..."??


Boy I'm sure glad that Utah is only 21st on that list. Poor Wyoming. Having a bunch of blue state coast types coming in who look at red state America as just fly over country. Is there no place conservatives can get away from liberals? I got out of California for just that reason. Thank you Jerry Brown and the high tax state legislature. Why don't you folks who voted for them lie in the bed you made and stay there.


Im pretty sure if i had posted a comment like happy2behere from a liberal perspective it wouldn't have passed the moderators.

The ugly comments i see from UT residents on these articles against immigrants, Democrats, and outsiders doesn't leave a good impression of LDS dominated UT.

Aaron S

Thanks, Happy2BHere, for your compassion for "poor Wyoming". Fear not! Why, just the other day I read an article indicating Wyoming had LOST about 6000 people, so these figures are of questionable accuracy, anyway. And Wyoming gets these influxes from time to time when the energy market heats up again, then loses them immediately after the job is done. During a pipeline project back in '07, we saw a vast influx in my neck of the woods, but none stayed. For Wyoming has a secret weapon in the fight against too-many-people: our weather, which can be most kindly characterized as "horrendous". Few people, indeed, are willing to put of with it for long. Hence our population, delightfully less than live in SL valley alone. Perhaps I should say "Poor Utah", for I remember when it was a delightful state of < 1,000,000. NOW look at it. Talk about California!

Layton, UT

this list is just numbers. It'd be interesting to examine these numbers as they trended over the past decade. States like Washington were emptied of their technical populations in the tech recessions. It'd be interesting to see which states are most stable regarding populations as well.

Henderson, NV

I can tell you in Nevada these numbers make a huge difference. In southern Nevada our schools are horribly overcrowded. We could build 23 elementary schools today and they would be full. We have a water crisis due to the decade long drought and people keep coming. The jobs available are generally service jobs which means low wages. Bottom line is that two-thirds of the schools qualify for extra federal funding due to the high population of children on free and reduced lunch. What used to be a state of mostly middle class is now a state with a fairly high poverty rate. Generally this movement is not a positive thing for us

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