15 facts you may not know about 15 LDS temples

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After the Seoul Korea Temple was dedicated, many of the Korean members gained testimonies of the importance of doing work for their ancestors. Among them was Kim Jung Shik, whose family had been diligent in keeping genealogy records, according to LDS Church News. After the Korea temple was announced and dedicated, he submitted more than 50 generations to the temple, starting with the direct line to his first known ancestor.
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Lindon, UT

Regarding the Guatemala City Guatemala Temple, John O'Donnal, its first president, converted his wife after arriving in Guatemala at age 24, and he baptized her, the first person converted and baptized in Guatemala.


Thank you for this article. It was informative and uplifting.

Virginia Beach, VA

Not too long ago I was reading The Memphis Temple was awarded some type of award. If memory serves me correctly, it was from Shelby County a Beautification award for a church. Maybe a local from Memphis can confirm or correct my statement.

Memphis, TN

The Memphis temple was given a national award by the group America in Bloom in 2003 for its beautiful grounds. The temple was nominated by a committee member, so when the temple president was notified it had won, it was quite a surprise!

Salt Lake City, UT

Wasn't the Nauvoo Temple dedication with meeting houses all over the world used the highest attended dedication? I would imagine that even the recent Brigham City Temple dedication would have exceeded the number of attendees for Bountiful.

Farmington, UT

@ Drew

I think they mean the number of persons who attended in person, not on a remote broadcast basis. The Nauvoo Temple had 13 dedicatory sessions while Bountiful had many more, according to the article. Without reading back into the article, I believe it stated there were 28 sessions for its dedication.

I know individuals who attended both in person.

Salt Lake City, UT

서울 성전!. Sort of a surprise to see the Korea Seoul Temple on the list! That sky in the back has got be to be computer generated since Seoul never has skies that blue. But nevertheless, a great little temple. It really and truly is an edifice set on a mountain, rising above all the worldliness below it.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm surprised that the Brigham Young/St. George, UT steeple didn't make the list. One of the great lores in LDS history.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

Of the more than 200,000 in the 28 sessions for the dedication of the Bountiful Utah Temple, "67,551 attended at the temple; 82,174 at the Salt Lake Tabernacle; 20,463, Bountiful Regional Center; 13,418, Ogden Tabernacle; 5,399, Brigham City Tabernacle; and 12,650 at the Logan Tabernacle" according to the Church News article that was the source.

Over 400,000 attended the open house of the Brigham City Utah Temple, which I understand is the record for attendance during the open house.

Orem, UT

To whom it may concern...PLEASE do not do to our Provo Temple what was done to Ogden! We love our Provo Temple design...and please paint the spire gold again...

Cloud by day, Pillar of fire by night...such an inspiration to see!


Interesting facts but that's not the portland temple you've got pictured. It's quite plain and the portland one is very majestic with lots of spires....made me think of what solomon's temple might be

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Actually the Laie Hawaii Temple was not dedicated until 1919. The site was dedicated in 1915, but the temple was not built and thus not dedicated until 1919.

Santiago, 00

The earthquake 8,8° in Chile, 2010, broke the Moroni's trump in the Santiago Chile Temple

Mount Pleasant, UT

It brings joy to my heart to see the beautiful temples. There is nothing in this world more beautiful, meaningful and hopeful than our Temples. How blessed we are.

Lake Oswego, OR

@ladybuglover. That is the Portland, Oregon Temple. The sunlight is just throwing you off in the picture!

Clifton Palmer McLendon
Gilmer, Texas

"The London England Temple was the church's 12th temple and the second built on the European continent."

The last time I looked, England was on the island of Great Britain, not on the European continent.

utah cornhusker

being a patron of the winter quarters, Nebraska temple I find the facts so interesting. The city of Omaha rented the cemetery and the grounds that the visitors center sits on for 1.00 per year since 1930 or there abouts. When the temple was announced in 1999, the cemetery and the grounds where visitors center was were bought from city of Omaha. The temple is such a beautiful structure there. In 1974, when the last toll was paid on the mormon bridge going into Iowa was paid it was president Kimball. I have always thought it has been wonderful that the city of Omaha and the church have had.

Don Bugg
Prince Frederick, MD

Picture 7's caption says the Kyiv Temple received an award for being the "most religious building..." Actually, the award was for being the BEST religious building (which makes a lot more sense).

Bluffdale, UT

Similar to the Santiago Temple groundbreaking; The Buenos Aires Temple groundbreaking ceremony was in the rain too. When Elder McConkie gave the dedicatory prayer we could feel the clouds had parted with the warmth of the sun on our faces. When we opened our eyes a giant rainbow stretched the sky.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

The Atlanta Georgia Temple was not the first in the southern United States. That distinction goes to the Mesa Arizona Temple. The Atlanta Georgia Temple was the first in the American South. One is a formation of general area the other is a social-cultural region that is defined in a way as to lead to statements such as that Miami is south of the south.

City, Ut

Mike Johnson said: "Over 400,000 attended the open house of the Brigham City Utah Temple, which I understand is the record for attendance during the open house."

Deseret News Dec 1, 1994 reported the Open House total for Bountiful Temple was 511,055.

Clearfield, UT

I read that one of the South American temples has a boat dock. to the poster who commented on tearing down the Ogden Temple. At first I was surprised at the decision. Now that the Ogden temple has beed rededicated I am grateful for it. The Ogden Temple stands out and is more attractive than the original. I would be surprised if they did the same to the Provo Temple. The Provo temple is in a nicer neighborhood and has larger grounds. The Church made the right decision with the Ogden Temple.

Farmington, UT

I believe the Angel Moroni Statue on Boston was set in place the same day as Nauvoo---September 21st. You might recall there were three Temples that had that same event that day---a first in the Church, and the third was overseas.

Philadelphia, PA

@NeilT The temple in Manaus, Brazil has a boat dock as the temple sits on the banks of the Rio Negro, so temple visitors can arrive via boat. Manaus sits about 11 miles from where the Rio Negro meets the Amazon River. Re: your comments about Ogden and Provo, I agree. The temple design in Provo fits the setting and grounds beautifully. That was not necessarily the case with the original Ogden design.

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