Best Gas Credit Cards

Published: Monday, March 4 2013 3:59 p.m. MST

Images_of_Money via flickr

The current average for gas is $3.78, which is 14 percent higher than at the beginning of the year. A recent study by Card Hub selected five of the best credit cards for gas purchases after studying over 1,000.

Three of the cards are generic gas cards, while the other two are specific gas station based.

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Farmington, UT

A Phillips 66/Conoco/Union 76 card is no good at all except if you need to buy gas and can find one of their stations. That's my experience, anyway.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't believe the Chevron station is selling gasoline for $1.53 per gallon! This must be a Canadian station selling gasoline by the liter (note the Victoria sign).

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