10 ways to teach your children to value marriage

Published: Friday, March 1 2013 3:24 p.m. MST

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When you are saying prayers throughout the day, pray for your husband. Let your children know that praying for your mate is of great importance.
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county mom
Monroe, UT

The best way to teach your children about marriage is to show one another love, trust, and respect. Your children are almost as much a part of your marriage as the two of you are. They see every outward expression of love, every moment of trust and every opportunity for dignified respect. When Mommy defers to Daddy over disapline, as a token of respect, the children are completely aware of this gesture. When Daddy gives his earnings to Mommy and they discuss the household expenses this shows the children, trust. When Mommy and Daddy hug and kiss each other showing affection in front of the children they learn to express love.
Even if Mommy and Daddy are harsh or argue, they need to let the children see them and hear them say "I'm sorry." Children need to know that people are not perfect and they disagree but they can still be loving.
Every kind word, every loving respectful gesture and every "I am truly sorry", teaches children about marriage.


Nice to know the idea that the marriage is all the responsibility of the wife is alive and well.

Doesn't the husband have a responsibility to care for his wife?

Kansas City, KS


By no means does it say that the responsibility is only on the woman. Marriage is a partnership of both spouses giving a full 100% each. This article was originally written on a woman's blog for women, therefor it is addressed to women. All principles apply to both husband and wife.


@ Jenifer: It may originally have been written for a women's blog - but this is a family newspaper and in this forum, it is misogynistic and gives a very poor image of the expectations men should have for their wives.

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