12 ways to buy cheap but horseless meat

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 26 2013 10:33 a.m. MST

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Ashley Lowery, Deseret News

Farmers, meat lockers or butcher chops sometimes sell meat lower than grocery store price. See what options you have in your area.

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Burley, ID

The title for this article "12 ways to buy cheap but horseless meat" doesn't match the content, which talks about ways to lower your meat costs or alternatives to red meat. No where does it talk about ways to buy meat that contains no horse meat in it.


rvalens2 my sentiments exactly!

Salt Lake City, UT

Also it's somewhat amusing that slide #4 shows a person slicing a pork tenderloin which typically runs $8 to $10 for a 1.25-1.50 lb. package. Additionally it is best served after quick grilling or broiling; marinades acceptably at best, needs no tenderization as it's the tenderest cut of meat in existence and braises horribly.

I get the feeling this is a generic filler story from a news service that the D-News matched random meat pictures to. C'mon, Deseret News. You're a shadow of what you used to be but you haven't set your standards this low have you?

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