Top 10 LDS news stories of the past 6 months

Published: Friday, April 1 2011 3:51 p.m. MDT

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August Miller, Deseret News archives
Prominent church members who passed away during the past six months include Elders LeGrand Curtis, Hans Ringger and Richard Wirthlin; former Young Women president Ruth Funk; and former Relief Society general president Barbara Smith.
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Santa Ana, CA

I'm a bit surprised that Elder Komatsu, first General Authority of Asian (Japanese) ancestory, was not included in list of prominent Church members who died in past 6 months. (only a few weeks before the Sendai quake and tsunami, which is intriguing in and of itself in light of D&C 138:57)

Charlottesville, VA

What story ranks higher than the introduction of a new handbook of church policies, LDS aid to Japan in the wake of the country's most devastating natural disaster ever, prominent LDS members in nationwide politics, and Jimmer Fredette being named the Player of the Year?

Why, the fact that the Deseret News ran a story about the MTC, of course. That one was HUGE!

Beaverton, OR

...Or the fact that the lds.org website has been changed (although not completely, and not without its bugs).

Orem, UT

I guess I'm a bit confused. The 3-part interest story on the MTC is more "top 10" than the protests of Elder Packer's speech last October or the Book of Mormon movie? Perhaps this is just the top 10 that were in the LDS Church's "Church News"?

Boise, ID

Isn't it a little self-indulgent to consider sending a DesNews photographer and reporter to the MTC to be worthy of #2? Provo Tabernacle, yes; Deaths, yes (but you missed all of them); Handbook; yes. A reporter writing three stories: No.

South Jordan, UT

ha ha.. this list makes absolutely no sense..

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

BYU basketball and Jimmer only ranked number 9?

Who is the DN trying to kid?

The DN has published more words on BYU/Jimmer than any of the other stories combined.

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