Tweeting happiness: 10 happiest and 10 saddest states, based on Twitter rankings

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 26 2013 1:27 a.m. MST

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1. Hawaii
2. Maine
3. Nevada
4. Utah
5. Vermont
6. Colorad
7. Idaho
8. New Hampshire
9. Washington
10. Wyoming
11. Minnesota
12. Arizona
13. California
14. Florida
15. New York
16. New Mexico
17. Iowa
18. Oregon
19. North Dakota
20. Nebraska
21. Wisconsin
22. Kansas
23. Alaska
24. Oklahoma
25. Massachusetts
26. Montana
27. Missouri
28. Kentucky
29. New Jersey
30. West Virginia
31. Illinois
32. Rhode Island
33. Indiana
34. Texas
35. South Dakota
36. Virginia
37. Tennessee
38. Connecticut
39. Pennsylvania
40. South Carolina
41. North Carolina
42. Ohio
43. Arkansas
44. District of Columbia
45. Michigan
46. Alabama
47. Georgia
48. Delaware
49. Maryland
50. Mississippi
51. Louisiana
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Layton, UT

Not too bad. Not sure why Nevada is such a happy place... other than all the partying that goes on there... and Maine is a lovely state, and who can expect to compete with Hawaii... Everybody there is nice, I think it's in their genes. They definitely have the nicest strangers I've ever met... Utah did pretty darn good snagging #4.

And of course it is with great satisfaction I note that we beat out big tourism states that pride themselves a bit too much in how wonderful their lifestyle is... like California, Oregon, Washington, Florida and Colorado. Buwahahaha!

Somewhere in Time, UT

I'm highly skeptical about the validity of this study. However, I do believe Utah is one of the happiest places in the world and Provo/Orem is one of the happiest places in Utah.

Sugar City, ID

In Utah and Idaho there are a lot of people who "live after the manner of happiness."

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