10 clean, historical romance novels in time for Valentine's Day

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 13 2013 9:31 a.m. MST

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Provided by Heather B. Moore
In “Heart of the Ocean” (Mirror Press, $3.99), after spurning an offer of marriage from Thomas Beesley III, her father’s middle-aged business partner, 19-year-old Eliza Robinson leaves the high society life of 1839 New York City to live with her widow Aunt Maeve in the Puritan coastal community of Maybrook.

Once there, Eliza is plagued with the ghostly voice of a woman. Eliza's Aunt Maeve assumes Eliza is being haunted by Helena Talbot, a woman who died 20 years ago, presumably from a broken heart after she fell in love with a businessman from England, later had his baby out of wedlock and was spurned by her Puritan community.

On a particularly stormy night, Eliza wakes up to find her Aunt Maeve murdered and is suspected of it along with Jonathan Porter, who stopped to help her after she ran out seeking help. Porter, who was the son of Helena Talbot, was only in town to find proof of his parentage to claim his inheritance from his English father. Then he plans to get back to New York to claim his inheritance, practice law and propose to the woman he his courting.

Both are cleared, but Eliza and Jon’s paths continually and unexpectedly cross and the mystery of Helena and her journal, the voices, Aunt Maeve’s death, rumors in Maybrook, and even Beesley all become tangled in this intriguing mystery and love story with twists and deeply kept secrets on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

“Heart of the Ocean” by local author Heather B. Moore is available as an e-book. Moore is also one of the six authors in the collection of clean historical stories in the e-book "A Timeless Romance Anthology: Winter Collection."
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North Salt Lake, UT

I'm surprised Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson is not on this list.

Colorado Springs, CO

One of my favorite love stories is one men enjoy too: The Scarlet Pimpernel.

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