Fun facts and trivia about the annual State of the Union address

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Beginning with President Ronald Reagan and Lenny Skutnik in 1982, presidents have been inviting and acknowledging special guests sitting in the gallery.

In 1982, Skutnik, a federal employee, was on his way home from work when Air Florida Flight 90 clipped the 14th Street Bridge on takeoff and went into the Potomac River. Skutnik swam out into the river to rescue a drowning stranger, and two weeks later was seated next to Nancy Reagan and being singled out for his courage by the President of the United States.

Reagan said Skutnik's actions were an example of "the spirit of American heroism at its finest."

This year, the first lady's box will include Apple CEO Tim Cook, Bobak Ferdowski (aka "Mowhawk Guy") from NASA's Mars rover team, 16-year-old Intel International Science and Engineering Fair winner Jack Andraka, a wounded warrior, a New York nurse, a small business owner, an undocumented student and more.

>> Lennie Skutnik receives applause from first lady Nancy Reagan and his wife at night on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 1982 at House chamber of Capitol Hall in Washington.
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