Fun facts and trivia about the annual State of the Union address

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Jefferson's tradition of sending a written report to Congress was broken on April 8, 1913, when President Woodrow Wilson revived the practice of delivering the speech in person. The format used by Wilson has largely been followed since that time.

A 2006 Senate report said Wilson expanded the scope of the speech, transforming it from a report on the activities of the executive department into a blueprint for the president's legislative hopes and goals for the coming year.

This year, President Barack Obama is likely to use his address to call for more spending on manufacturing and infrastructure, the Associated Press reported.

>> President Woodrow Wilson delivers a declaration of war to the joint session of Congress, in Washington, April 2, 1917.
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**'Marco Rubio Bombs in SOTU Rebuttal/2016 Audition' - By: Jason Easley- Politics USA – 02/12/13

'Rubio immediately went off the rails by attacking Obama, and the Republicans completely guessed wrong by claiming that Obama’s solution was more taxes, more government, and more spending. In fact, Obama didn’t call for more government...'

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