Five reasons BYU will make the NCAA tournament

Published: Thursday, Feb. 7 2013 3:44 p.m. MST

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St. Mary’s is 3-0 against BYU since the Cougars joined the West Coast Conference. Last year, the Men from Moraga were outstanding. This year’s Gaels are still stellar but not quite what they were last year. Nevertheless, Dellavedova’s dagger in Provo gives the Gaels an aura of invincibility when it comes to playing BYU. This, however, will not last.

BYU will likely face St. Mary’s two more times this year—in Moraga on Feb. 21 and in the West Coast Conference semifinals. BYU has to win at least one, and I believe they will find a way to win at least one of those contests. The Gaels are a good team but not good enough to beat BYU three times in one season. If the Cougars can beat the Gaels in Moraga, the Conference semifinal matchup could well be a NCAA play-in game of sorts, as St. Mary’s is also a bubble team.

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Ogden, UT

It would be great if they made the field of 68 this year, According to the reasons of this article on why the Y will make the tournament, quite a few things must go right and very few things go wrong. Either way, multiple consecutive trips to the Big Dance is nothing to sniff at. Go Cougars.

Washington, UT

But BYU has Brock Zylstra and Brandon Davies who both turn into no-shows against better teams. And Zylstra is the worst shooter on the team when not playing in Provo. And Carlino is Mr. Hot Mr. Cold. When he's hot, BYU's tough to beat, when he's cold he kills BYU's chances against the better teams. I don't see BYU beating Gonzaga no matter how long they have to prepare for them, and they won't beat Saint Mary's on their own court. Until Carlino becomes Mr. Consistent (next year?), and Davies and Zylstra graduate, BYU is not going dancing.

Layton, UT

#5-wrong,#4-doubtful,#3-prove it,#2-keep telling yourself,#1-your only hope. lol.

Omaha, NE

A win over St. Mary's and Gonzaga probably won't be enough. Losing to SD pretty much disregarded this article. Seeing how close they were to beating Gonzaga, I would have waited one more day before an article like this. This is an NIT team this year. They just can't hang with any decent team on the road, they just can't.

Darth Vader
Ogden, UT

Next, give us five reasons why the Cougars can win a game in the big dance.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

The writer basically thinks BYU will make the tournament because they will get better than they are today.

Keep dreaming... everyone needs a dream.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

BYU has no really good starting forwards they are too short and do not score. That is why they cannot compete with these teams. They miss Chris Collingsworth and Rogers badly.

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