Facts about the Boy Scouts of America

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2013 9:44 a.m. MST

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Scouting movement founded in England by British General Robert Baden-Powell in 1907
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Richard Larson
Sacramento County(209/916), CA

What about the great
camp-out of June 28th, 2002
at Camp Tomahawk
(East Fork of the Bear River)

Salt Lake City, UT

'Boy Scout Files Give Glimpse Into 20 Years of Abuse' - By KIRK JOHNSON - NY Times - 10/18/12

'Officials with the Boy Scouts fought in the courts for years to prevent the release of the documents — more than 15,000 pages detailing accusations of abuse against 1,247 scout leaders between 1965 and 1985, with thousands of victims involved...'

Kaysville, UT

I would picture there are 10s of thousands of good scouters and leaders that read the Deseret News that should be responding to the ones that don't like scouting or the one of the best ways for young men to learn about values in life that endure and become part of their character. Scouters are prepared more prepared for choosing a career and wanting to excel in whatever they are pursuing. Even though not every scout goes into the military, they have learned many skills that prepare for service to our country. Some military officers may not have integrity in their character but those that were scouts have a better chance of enduring to the end with a clear conscience in dealings with everyone in an honest and true way. There are some leaders in the scouting movement that have not had those high values internalized and that is unfortunate. However, there are controls within scouting, especially in the past 30 years to help reinforce the importance of enforcement in those codes of conduct with all people, especially those scouts that they work with.

Santa Ana, CA

While every case of abuse is wrong, the current BSA policy of two deep leadership and Youth Protection Training attempts to greatly reduce the opportunity for sexual predators. I also believe that actively homosexual scouts or leaders are incompatible with the objectives and methods of Boy Scouting.

The benefits of millions of young men being taught to "Do Your Best", "Be Prepared", and to strive to live the Scout Oath and Law outweighs the relatively few bad apples.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

No mentioned --

It seems silly now,
Just like Gays,
Blacks were originally banned and not allowed in Boy Scouts either.

Boy Scouts started - 1913
Boy Scouts hesitantly allows blacks - 1923 [Seperate, but equal troops]
Boys Scouts finally desegratgrates - 1973

It took 50 years, but the public finally came around to doing the right thing.
And it didn't destroy the Boy Scouts.

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