It's not just blackouts: other delays that have affected sporting events

Published: Monday, Feb. 4 2013 4:35 p.m. MST

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Fans, players and coaches were forced to endure the high-pitched ringing of the substitution horn for much longer than is normal at a 2003 Seattle SuperSonics game. Late in the third quarter, the horn turned on during a stoppage in play and did not turn off, forcing a 15-minute delay.

The malfunctioning horn was disabled when team officials turned off the scoreboard above center court. It took technicians another 10 minutes to work on the problem. (It's No. 3 on the top 10 video attached to the story).

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Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

Remember when Jazz had to postpone a game back in 90s. It was the year they changed logos. The new court was damaged, so they played the rest of the season on the old court with the note logo.

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