21 Tax return mistakes you don't want to make this year

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 30 2013 3:56 p.m. MST

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Have someone else check your accuracy and calculation if you are doing your own taxes. Print out the copy and cross out the SSN before they check it.
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Brigham City, UT

You're suggesting that I double check and verify I only pay what I legally owe? Does that hold true for everyone? Even the "rich" guys? ...

Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry, Ned. . . If you're "rich," you're definitely not paying your "fair share" no matter what you send in. To be "fair," just triple what you legally owe and send it in. And, while you're at it, mail in your guns, too.

Heber City, UT

Let's see NedGrimley, the top 1% of wage earners in the United States pay 60% of all taxes. You have fallen for Obama's plan to discredit the rich and make them feel guilty for being rich. Your attitude is "Let them pay so I don't have to work and get all the entitlements from the government."

I seriously doubt that if you took virtually every penny the top 1% earn it would even make a dent in out debt that Obama has saddled us with.

Ned get a life and start doing some serious thinking, because you comment showed you just regurgitated what Obama has said over and over. It shows you have not done one cent worth of examining the issue.

I am not rich, but I do not besmirch those who have honestly accrued their money. Yes, it can always be argued how much money should they need, but you ignore completely what our founders have said over and over again, that you cannot build a nation on the back of those who work and give it to those who do not put out the efforts to succeed. You choose our career. It determines your salary.

Brigham City, UT


Ouch. That was cold. You seem to know the intent of my soul without knowing me at all. Obviously you have not read many of my past posts, which I understand. I wouldn't read them either....

My only regret is there is no sarcasm font.

Trust Logic
Brigham City, UT, 00

Wow! CougarBlue, I am amazed at your omniscient ability to infer so much about NedGrimley's three sentence comment. I wasn't even sure how to interpret his sarcasm about rich guy's while you were able to completely deduce his full political persuasions and his financial state! I am truly impressed! (Well, maybe not).

Brigham City, UT

Bless you, Trust Logic...

West Jordan, UT

Seems that BYU has sent more players to the Super Bowl than any other local college. Interesting.

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