20 items in your house you can use for unusual other uses

Published: Thursday, Jan. 24 2013 8:28 a.m. MST

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TedsBlog via flickr

Removes makeup at a fraction of the price.

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Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Old tooth brushes work great for applying shoe polish, not a wax but the good cream polishes, to shoes. Then brush the shoes with a regular shoe brush Finish up with an easy buffing for the best shine you'll ever get by using an old nylon. Knee highs are easiest to use by inserting your hand and simply rubbing the shoe with the nylon.

Johnny Moser
Thayne, WY

We used the industrial grade "Kool-aid" in the Navy (we called it bug-juice) to clean the bilges. It would remove scum and related oil stuff that was stuck to the paint and make it look brand new. Nice when some Admiral was coming to walk around but helped keep it smelling better too.

Ephrata, WA

Square or rectangular double-sided potholders (the kind you put your whole hand into) are ideal for storing food processor blades.

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