Manti Te'o, Lance Armstrong, Wilt Chamberlain and other hoax sports stories

Published: Thursday, Jan. 17 2013 4:47 p.m. MST

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I'm not just calling him out for claiming to have had 20,000 lovers. I'm also saying he didn't score 100 points in a game.

Wilt did score 100, but it was in a pinball game a few hours beforehand. He rang up just 19 on the basketball court, according to my sources.

As for the girlfriends, do the math.

Details, details.
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Logan, UT

hahahaha I see what you did there

Maricopa, AZ

I get the confusion and suspicion over Manti's story, but I think the media, along with a few people who like to assume the worst about people, is mixing him in with some pretty extreme cases of dishonesty and corruption.
And if his story proves to be a lie on his part, which IMO it won't. It still hurts no one.
He had nothing to gain from the hoax except a little more compassion or sympathy since his grandmother had also recently died.
Lance made millions and millions.

I guess I'm just a little disappointed at how people tend to give a pass to some people when they've clearly done some serious wrong vs a guy who got sucker punched and now has to be hung by the same rope as some of the more corrupt athletes of the decade.
Putting Manti and Lance in the same story is just plain wrong.

Springville, UT

This is like one of those jokes at a family party that was soooo funny when you thought of it, then when no one laughed but instead looked at you with confused faces and you had to explain it to them....oh what the heck!


Far East USA, SC

It would appear the Te'o has some splaining to do

"According to Notre Dame's timeline of events, Te'o learned his girlfriend didn't exist on Dec. 6.

But in a Dec. 8 interview with South Bend, Ind., TV station WSBT, Te'o said, "I really got hit with cancer. I lost both my grandparents an my girlfriend to cancer." And on Dec. 11, he talked about his girlfriend in a newspaper interview. "

He may have been duped, but it appears from the above that he did some duping himself.

Barney Google
Beaver, UT

You state; "He had nothing to gain from the hoax except a little more compassion or sympathy since his grandmother had also recently died.
Lance made millions and millions."

How about Heisman sympathy votes? Get that on your Resume and your looking at serious bucks, higher draft pick!
Come on people, wake up on this one Manti knew all about it, we live in a world of Realty TV, Manti just joined cast.

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive" Sir Walter Scott

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

@Barney Google.
You are on to something. A family friend doesn't keep up a hoax like that for three years unless he has an audience. And the whole girlfriend idea was great grist for the media mill.
Had Manti called a press conference on December 6th, had his parents called the police on December 26th, had Notre Dame notified the NCAA on December 26th...we would be inclined to have some sympathy for Manti Te'o.
Confessing when the story hits the Internet doesn't look good.

Enterprise, UT

Who stands to make the real money here? The media!

Salt Lake City, UT

Online virtual relationships are virtually worthless.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Well, that explains it. I always wondered why my girlfriend's photo was in all the picture frames at Target.

Blue AZ Cougar

Dear Media,

Stop comparing Manti Te'o to Lance Armstrong. They are not the same. Armstrong's lies and deceit earned him several Tour de France titles, money from endorsements, and even an olympic medal. Te'o didn't have a motive to lie, other than to *maybe* garner some national attention. Stop selling this as the "Te'o Scandal." It's not a scandal. He didn't earn the awards he received because he told a sob story about his "girlfriend" dying...or did you already forget his defensive achievements?

If Te'o knew it was a hoax or perpetuated it in any way, he's a fool. It's a stupid thing to lie about, and for what? But to compare him with Armstrong is absurd. It's not like Te'o won the Heisman or received anything more than a little extra media coverage during the season because of this lie. Good for him, he tugged our heart strings a bit. Clap clap. Move along with your lives, people, nothing to see here.

Unconcerned College Football Fan

Dulles, VA

This article was not even remotely funny.

It would be awesome if Brad Rock would stick to sports reporting instead of attempts at humor.

Far East USA, SC


Of course the Te'o issue is not in the same class as the Armstrong situation. Just because it happened at the same time, involves an athlete and is mentioned in the same article does not me equivalence.

But, if you think this is not a story, your head is in the sand.

Time will tell how culpable Te'o is, but, his hands are not clean regardless.

Blue AZ Cougar


I know it's not on the same level as Armstrong -- that's precisely my point. It's only a story because the media can't find anything else to talk about. So if it's not on the same level as Armstrong, why does the media keep drawing parallels between the two?

What if I lied about having a girlfriend who died? Nobody would care. So why does everybody care just because it's Te'o? It seems like a weird situation, I'll give you that. It seems like he lied, but that's still debatable at this point. I'm not defending him, I'm just saying it's not as big as everyone portrays it to be.

It's also not really a matter of culpability. I mean, let's be honest, it's not like he lied about his grades to get into the university, or lied about taking drugs, or lied about accepting money from a booster, or lied about following team rules, etc. etc. If he had anything to do with it (which hasn't been confirmed yet), it was a stupid thing to do. But again, why lie about having a girlfriend who died of leukemia? Why does anyone care? Slow news week.

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