Deseret News' Heroes of 2012

Published: Wednesday, Jan. 2 2013 5:57 p.m. MST

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Solutions Journalism Network
The Solutions Journalism Network: For encouraging journalists to report on innovative solutions, not just problems.

The news media often prides itself in its capacity to shine a bright light on crisis and scandal. But surveys shows that news audiences are increasingly weary of reporting that fails to round out the complete story of how problems might be addressed.

Award-winning journalists David Bornstein, Courtney Martin and Tina Rosenberg are successfully challenging their profession to spend more time probing innovative solutions to the world's problems. Their brainchild, the Solutions Journalism Network, asks journalists to make their craft more relevant to the millions of people who care about building a better world by rigorously reporting on credible solutions to social problems. Their own solutions journalism now appears as a regular column in the New York Times and their encouragement to look closely at the ideas, models, policies and people that are solving societies toughest problems is motivating the next generation of journalists.

>> David Bornstein, Solutions Journalism Network co-founder, is challenging journalists to report on solutions to social problems.
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Heart and Mind

Bravo to the Deseret News for highlighting 6 initiatives or role models that will positively impact the world. Now, it is the readers' turn to read this story, ponder its connection to their future and spend less time reading the sports stories. Until readers alter their behavior to match their deepest, most important values, no innovative media reporting will really help.

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