Deseret News best of 2012: Faith in the community

Published: Tuesday, Dec. 25 2012 10:07 p.m. MST

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Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
Since 9/11, no religious community’s place in the United States has been more hotly contested than that of American Muslims. From fights over the construction of mosques in places as varied as rural Tennessee and lower Manhattan, to congressional hearings over fears of “homegrown” Muslim radicals, many Americans express ambivalence to the idea of welcoming Muslims as their neighbors. For the Muslim community in America however, this ambivalence is not shared. In fact, most American Muslims feel right at home in America.

Read the full report here: Right at home: U.S. mosques are often more Middle America than Middle East
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American Fork, UT

Faith is important. Religion spoils it.

Santa Monica, CA

Reporting on how people live their respective faiths — whether Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim or Mormon — I have witnessed firsthand what demographers have been pointing out for years: that America’s religious landscape is changing.
----so are you saying that Mormons aren't Christians?

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