USU football: Gary Andersen's top 10 games

Published: Wednesday, Dec. 19 2012 11:37 a.m. MST

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Associated Press
Editor’s note: The win that should have been, this game put Utah State on the college football map and turned a lot of heads across the country, even if it was a loss. Taking a defending national champion to the wire was a feat in and of itself.

AUBURN, Ala. — We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to make this important public service announcement: There are actually three major college football teams in Utah, not two.

Sometimes it just takes a little (or possibly a gigantic) reminder.

Locked into a conference teetering on the brink, lodged in the northern reaches of the state, beset by small budget issues, Utah State has been overshadowed the past year – OK, the past three decades -- by Utah and BYU.

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Salt Lake City, UT

The Potato Bowl win is obviously #1 and the WAC title clinching win over La Tech is obviously #2, but it's interesting that USU's win over BYU in 2010 is considered a BIGGER win than USU's win over Utah in 2012.


Thank you for an excellent article. You have done a superb job in showcasing the best of Gary Anderson. Sadly, those of us from the Logan area have been disappointed in Anderson's lack of loyalty to the program, school, athletes, students and fans. It wasn't long ago that he told everyone he was staying at USU, that he was happy here and had no intention of leaving? He signed a 5-year extended contract. And even as recent as just a few days before the Bowl game, he said he was staying. And then, out of the clear blue, he's gone. To me this is the real story.

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