Shootings in public spaces cast shadow over 2012

Published: Friday, Dec. 14 2012 12:24 p.m. MST

Associated Press
A shooting today at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., casts a shadow over a year in which public shootings took place at a schools in Ohio and California, a Colorado movie theater, and shopping malls in Oregon and Wisconsin. Read more about today's elementary school shooting in Connecticut.
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South Weber, UT

How many more shootings will it take before we collectively decide to step up and tell the NRA we're not going to put up with their bull-crap any longer? I mean, what will it take? One shooting a week, one a day, two a day? The gun lobby in Washington is allowing people to get killed for their own selfish reasons. There are a whole lot more of us than there are of them. Yet Congress listens to the lobbyists. And the killing goes on and gets more and more frequent. This really is sad and insane.

Wasatch Front, UT


My initial reaction was similar to yours. The reality of the problem is that it is much more complex. By definition, only the mentally deranged do this type of thing. This is not about guns, but about sick people. In China, where guns are banned, the mentally sick people who kill children in schools use knives.

This has little if anything to do with the NRA. It has much more to do with people who leave weapons where a sick person can access them. It is about a society that sells first-person shooter video games as entertainment - and then parents who buy them for adolescents. It is about a culture that is more concered about personal "choice" and "individual rights" than about helping/encouraging someone who is pregnant to carry the child to term and give it up for adoption. It is about a culture that devalues life and objectifies people through pornography and other selfish indulgences.

Unless we address our values, nothing we do about guns or to the NRA will do anything positive. With the gun genie out of the bottle, it will only leave the criminals with the upper hand.

Sandy, UT

It is not the guns - in fact, the only thing that could have saved them is if someone at the school had a concealed permit and could have stopped him.

Many don't realize we closed down the mental institutions in an effort to eliminate the potential for abuse in forced committals. This was unwise and we are paying the price. We must reopen the mental hospitals and must provide for people to be committed against their will, sometimes for life. Fortunately most mentally ill people can manage their illness with medication. However, there are certain diagnoses that require institutionalization and personality disorder is one of them.

Several Utah citizens were killed by their mentally ill relatives this year - fathers, mothers, wives. Very tragic and very avoidable. We must give these families options for their mentally ill loved ones - options that will ensure everyone's safety.

Durham, NC

freedomforthepeople - i completely agree with you.... I hate the NRA,.... but in this case, it was not the gun that was the problem, it was a breakdown in our mental health system. Trust me, I would love to shove this in the NRA's face... and had practical gun technology been deployed where only the owner could fire these weapons, we would not be looking at 29 dead in 3 days.

But the real solution is to plug the holes in the mental health care systems...... that is the only thing that will reduce instances like this.


Quite shocking. The government should be hard on the use of guns.

Bountiful, UT

Re Peggy

Guns are not the problem here, this same thing just happened in China and the perpertrator used a knife.

If you are able to set aside your emotions and apply logic in this instance ask yourself how many lives would have been saved if the principal or teachers were allowed a concealed weapons permit and had a loaded gun when this happened.

I have a gun in my house and it helps our whole family feel safe. It protects us from home invasion. I have a carry permit. Had I or someone like me been in this school this tragedy would not have happened.

The NRA just like the ACLU are misunderstood heros. Hope this helps you to see things more clearly.

Crystal River, FL

If only every teacher there was armed with a gun and trained, surely this would have helped. Not that many years ago, students would bring their guns to school to use for target practice in P.E. How times have changed. Now, the left has created the situation of not even allowing guns to be kept in the cars of the school parking lot. Remove the guns from everyone and the only ones with guns will be the criminals and the authorities. Unfortunately, the authorities cannot protect us. We need to learn to protect ourselves.

Ogden, UT

Guns/weapons don't kill people, people kill people. OK. Then why can't we purchase our own rocket launchers, or grenades, or nuclear devices even. It isn't the weapon, it is the person. Only blame the person, not society for allowing people to have hand held machine guns or rocket lanchers, et al. Blame the person.........

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