Obamacare: the guide to the upcoming healthcare changes

Published: Thursday, Dec. 13 2012 8:49 a.m. MST

Obamacare creeps closer and closer, as the white house hurries to ensure it's ready to start. Here is a guide to recent developments and how Obamacare can affect you. Check out these articles for a review and to see what's coming up.
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John Galt
Salt Lake City, UT

Heres' what it will do:

It will increase (yes, increase) the cost of healthcare for most citizens
It will degrade medical care
It will increase wait times for medical care
It will increase unemployment
It will increase the cost of all goods and services for consumers

The vast majority of U.S. citizens will regret the day this took effect


As a Doctor, this is why I retired early, moved to the Philippines, and now volunteer to assist new Hospitals as they perfect a system that shines brightly. Obamacare uses force. Here, we use compassion. Obamacare is founded upon statistics. We focus on the individual. The greatest thing about Obamacare is the black market and Health Tourism that will be fantastic in the year 2014. We're gearing up for it as fast as we can here. Mabuhay!

Salt Lake City, UT

@Joseph Huntington

This isn't doctors/hopsitals vs Obamacare, it's Obamacare vs private insurance companies. Private insurance companies are scum that are driven by greed and profit rather than care for the individual. Obamacare deals with the health insurance market.

Cedar Hills, UT

As it is right now Obamacare is a huge budget killing mess. It will bankrupt business's and degrade healthcare over all as well as continue to cause insurance premiums to go up. Since we are stuck with this pig for the long haul we might as well just go to the full single payer system like England and Canada does....private insurance goes away and the government owns and manages all insurance claims. Everyone gets insurance and no one is denied coverage. At least the cost to the average citizen will go down but the down side is the overall healthcare experience will decline and the red tape to get a procedure covered will be similar to getting some tax issue worked out with the IRS today - A ROYAL PAIN!! Oh and one last note-the US will eventually go bankrupt since providing a single payer system to 300 million people is unsustainable by every evaluation done but as I see it the US is on a fast track to bankruptcy anyway after this last election and a turn to socialism. Only a matter of time sadly.

Kearns, UT

Stay healthy my friends!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

"we might as well just go to the full single payer system like England and Canada does....private insurance goes away and the government owns and manages all insurance claims. Everyone gets insurance and no one is denied coverage. At least the cost to the average citizen will go down"

Uh oh, we might be too close to agreement. The Mayans were right.

"Oh and one last note-the US will eventually go bankrupt since providing a single payer system to 300 million people is unsustainable by every evaluation done but as I see it the US is on a fast track to bankruptcy anyway after this last election and a turn to socialism."

Okay, order is restored to the universe. The thing is the US currently has the second most expensive (in terms of GDP % spent on healthcare) healthcare system in the world at around 15% GDP. Canada and England, the two with universal healthcare you noted, are closer to 10%, as is the case with Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, etc. They're all basically in the 8-11 range. So I'm not sure why universal healthcare is unsustainable "by every evalutation done" when it's better than current healthcare.

Cedar Hills, UT


Well said!!! Maybe drinking Dos Equis is the answer!!

Anti Government
Alpine, UT

I'm from Canada but now live here. Many of my family members still live in Canada.

They pay much higher income taxes than we do. Now they also have "premiums" and "copays" much like we do on top of the high income taxes. All of this gets them "free" healthcare.

On top of all of this they often wait a long time to get services.

The President of the Canadian Healthcare association said, in a country of roughly 35 million, that over a million people are on waiting lists for surgeries and a million more are on waiting lists to see a specialist to get on the waiting list for surgery.

He said they have overpromised what can be realistically be afforded and delivered in terms of healthcare.

While I agree there needs to be reform in this country obamacare is nothing more than a massive taxpayer subsidy to subsidize someones voter base.

The people who freeload and don't pay will continue to do so. The people who work hard, are honest, and pay their share will now be forced and fined to pay more for those who don't.

All so politicians can increase their free-loading voter base.

Westbank, BC

"Free" health care does not work and it's not sustainable. Obamacare will bankrupt the USA. Canada's health care system is a disgrace. It took me 2 years to get an MRI. IMO, there's too much greed everywhere and politicians who are lining their back pockets from the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies so they can stay in power and thereby control the masses. Socialism is alive and well in both Canada and the US and will become much worse especially now that Obama has another 4 years.

Ontario, OR

My sister and her husband have worked very hard for over 40 years as small-business owners. They have never made a lot of money, though. For the past few years, my sister has suffered with two debilitating diseases. She is not old enough for Medicare, nor can she afford health insurance. State-funded health care is all she has. I know a number of hardworking people who can't afford health insurance. My husband and I pay about $600 a month for health insurance, and we consider ourselves lucky. Obamacare is an effort to hold private insurance companies' feet to the fire. One specialist my husband sees says she the private insurers are the ones she spends the most time battling for "standard of care" treatments. Maybe Obamacare needs work, but we need to do something about high premiums, uninsured working poor, and denials by big insurers. Why don't we quit yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater, get together, and fix our system?

Placentia, CA

@atl134 Your argument can not be economically sustained the population of Canada, England, Norway, France and Germany combined is approximatley 213,000,000. The population of the USA is about 311,000,000.00. It will be absolutly impossible to pay for health care for that many people. To think we can have free health care is a joke. There is no such thing as free anything. We will all pay more, small businesses will struggle to stay afloat with the already slim profit margins. If you think waiting times are bad in other countries, just imagine what they are going to be like here with the population we have.

Agua Dulce, TX

Your views on Obamacare are fueled by your party membership.

The Final Word
Alpine, UT


As you mentioned, there does need to be reform. Unfortunately the reform we are getting will dramatically increase the cost we all pay for what we get.

The logic that follows here is that someone has to pay. It is not free. We all know that we have freeloaders who don't pay now yet they go to emergency rooms and get treatment. The supposed regulations to mandate these people have insurance will not work. They will supposedly be fined on their tax returns. Alot of these people don't even file tax returns or pay any taxes.

In essence what will happen is those honest hard working people will just end up paying more and more and more as all of the users pile on and use the system...and that is what will happen when they all get easier access.

What protection does the legislation do to protect that from happening? Nothing. Costs, for those who pay, will be skyrocketing over the years ahead as the exorbitant costs of providing this will be discovered.

The reason the political sides don't get together?

Both parties are more concerned about power and votes than anyones healthcare.

Sad but true.

Salt Lake City, UT

To John Galt and othr skeptics:

As one who has been a healthcare professional for 35 years, you have basically described all that is wrong with our CURRENT TRADITIONAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM that is seriously broken, ineffective and will break your bank if you don't have health insurance. We need serious reforms and the Affordable Care Act (aka "Obamacare") is a big step in the right direction. Do you even have a clue how much it costs for hospital care now? Do you have any idea how our outcomes compare to courntries that have an Obama like healtcare system? Have you ever spend a day in an Intensive Care unit and do you know what that costs? Do you know what unemployed people employed without healthcare insureance currently must endure? Well please do a little homework and show some compassion for those less fortunate that you. Maybe your one of the "53%"?

Mcallen, TX

May our liberal friends get what they voted for. Too bad the others will suffer for their bad decisions.

DN Subscriber 2

First, do no harm! But, Obamacare is filled with harm and false promises and will kill more people than it cures.

Looks like the rational folks realize that there is no such thing as free "healthcare" (or lunches, cars, houses or newspapers, either!). And that there will be less health care delivered at higher cost, and with more delays.

The emotional folks think that doctors, hospitals and drug companies just miraculously provide their goods and services without need to pay for rent, staffing, utilities, insurance (especially liability and malpractice!), retirement benefits and research and development for future needs and beneficial services. Someone has to pay for all that stuff, unless the bleeding hearts want to volunteer to work there for free.

Insurance companies merely look at the costs for care, calculate the odds of someone needing care, and then spread the expected costs for everyone's different needs across the base of their policy holders. Yes, and make some profit for their investors. Again, folks who dislike this are free to start their own non-profit insurance company to pay out big bucks for small premiums. Tell me when I can sign up for your policy!

West Valley City, Utah

Health care is a real problem. Millions don't have health care. The issue is not a lack of compassion. Other solutions were not seriously entertained. The Obama-care solution seeks to overhaul our massive health care system on a federal level, instead of simply addressing the uninsured and the under-insured. No tort reform is included. The federal government has a terrible track record when it comes to lack of efficiency, wild fiscal irresponsibility and intrusion in our private lives. Are we trading one problem for another much bigger problem? Government control over our lives? The estimated costs for the plan were grossly underestimated.I guess we will find out what the real price will be for Obama-care..

On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

DN Subscriber 2 writes, "Insurance companies merely look at the costs for care, calculate the odds of someone needing care, and then spread the expected costs for everyone's different needs across the base of their policy holders. Yes, and make some profit for their investors."

No, they also selectively deny coverage, bungle paperwork, and drive up the cost of healthcare in America. On the whole, America has the world's most expensive doctors, hospitals, and prescription drugs, and our patchwork for-profit insurance system is largely to blame.

salt lake city, utah

What's amusing about this thread versus other papers is the hyperbole that is passed on as real opinion. Obamacare will "kill" more people than it "cures". "free health care does not work". They act as though health care cost have not gone up by thousands of % over the past 30 years (child care cost $400 dollars in the early 70's now it's $10,000). They complain that no other reforms were considered when the republicans stopped any mention of health care reform for 70 years. The best though is the comparisons of single payer univresal coverage systems that have higher taxes..yea it's not free..waits or denials..with a system that leaves 40 million uninsured..has waits and denials...(I'll match you anecdotes)and has the potential to,and does bankrupt middle class people while at the same time making millionaiare of middle men brokers.

Cowboy Joe
Encampment, WY

How many of the "free loaders" are married college students who have children while in college?

Many free loaders are all around us. They most vocal against are usually the first to get their "free stuff" and then scream foul when someone else puts their hand out.

Pleasant Grove, UT

This is a problem that is being seen all over the world. We love our independence, our democracy, and free enterprise system. However, there are many who want to reap the benefits of both our Democratic Republic as well as the benefits of a Socialist country. We want to keep our money and do with it what we please, but some also want the government to be responsible for our bills and costs.

We were founded on the principle of small government, and that the people govern themselves. Independence. Taxes. Tyranny. Health Care is not cheap. Neither is Gas. Neither is taking care of your children. Neither is a mortgage. Neither is a car payment.

So, I have two choices: Sit at home and hope the government will pay me to be there because life isn't fair (a new development-because life was always easier until the last 5 years). OR, I can go to work and make ends meet. Working 2 or 3 jobs used to be commonplace-because there were dedicated men and women. Now it is a novelty because "we deserve" to earn more in less time.

Obamacare does not belong in the USA!

Mcallen, TX

Let's forget Congress, and let Obama run everything, without any accountability. This is what Obama care is all about.

Maricopa, AZ

I'm amused at the insurance company bashers on here who seem to forget that insurance companies are in business to make money. And their profit margins are well below many of the businesses in this country.
Insurance rates for the most part are only a reflection of how people use their policies. If they abuse, de-fraud and lie about things to get things done that aren't really legit, or if doctors and hospitals charge outrageous fees for simple procedures (never heard of that happening) then rates go up.
In other words, insurance companies will continue to raise rates as long as the costs go up.
And yet everyone up the ladder can justify why they charge so much, including doctors and hospitals.
Maybe if the costs were reversed and limited across the board,and forced everyone to equally lower their price for services we could get things back to a reasonable level.

However, to expect the system to be able to pay for the care of millions of people who put nothing into the system will only break the system.
It's really not that hard to figure out. Just read what some of the Canadiens are saying on this thread.

Cedar Hills, UT


Actually your views on Obamacare will soon be determined by your wallet and your paycheck!!! OUCH!!

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

Really, why does anyone expect anything other than the DMV handling your health care? You will have a gvt agency administrating payment to medical providers. Small business will be forced to only offer Obama care to remain competitive. Eventually private providers will go out of business unless they are heavily hooked up with a union. I think we are going to see a lot of unhappy consumers at first but then adjusting to the new reality. We will see a completely consumer driven medical services industry (black market).

R-Valley, NV

Just remember, if you don't like insurance controlled by big corporations out for profit, what makes you think you'll like insurance run by a giant corporation (the government) looking for power. Nothing ever gets cheaper with the government in charge.

And don't forget how much the U.S. is subsidizing the rest of the world. Places like Canada have cost controls on drugs, so guess who gets to pay more so they can have their cheap drugs. We do. We're basically subsidizing research and development of new drugs for the rest of the world.

And our military keeps peace in the world and trade routes open, but it's kind of expensive. So if we want our Santa Claus to give us as many presents as Canada's or Great Britain's Santa Claus, we'll have to pay a lot more in taxes than they do.

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