Mormon Tabernacle Choir performances for and with famous individuals

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Mannheim Steamroller founder and leader Chip Davis directed the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Omaha, Neb. during its 2009 summer tour.

“This is a real honor for me, to be able to be here to guest-conduct the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Davis said in an interview. “I grew up in choirs as a kid. In fact, I was in a boys choir, and I listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir every Sunday. Both of my parents were choir directors, so I have know of them and heard them in Salt Lake City before and always have been astounded at what a wonderful organization they are. So as a musician, this is a real treat and a real honor for me to do this, especially here in my hometown of Omaha.”
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Calgary AB, 00

How could you possibly have left out that memorable performance with David Foster and Andrea Bocelli? Truly a Heavenly experience!

Newport, 00

You forgot the Osmonds !!!
the whole family performed with the MTC in the 1970's, plus the 9 children sang with them 2 years ago, how about a photo of that

Salt Lake City, UT

I am surprised that more people have not left comments. I wish I could sing like those in the choir. I am not mormon and sometimes get a little irritated with the culture in Utah. When I here the choir sing, it brings such a wonderful feeling. We may all believe a little different, but the music can bring out faith from anyone. The members of the choir commit themselves and it shows. It seems like life has been filled with so much that is negative and there has been so much animosity. I just wanted to thank the choir for giving us something so beautiful. Keep it up. Thanks

Salem, UT

Let's not forget that Jimmy Stewart performewd with the chior as a part of the Christmas classic, "Mr. Kruegers Christmas"

Pocatello, ID

If I could only have one kind of music in my home, it would be the MoTab. And because they are such a strong and vibrant choir, I fancy myself just one of them as I join in. Thank you, MoTab, thank you.

La Verkin, UT

And I believe that Linda Eder (my favorite vocalist) has performed with them twice - most recently the Memorial Day performance this year.

San Diego, CA

I can't seem to find Andrea Bocelli on this list. (Youtube: BEST Andrea Bocelli Song EVER! - (HQ Sound) - The Lord's Prayer")

Maybe 5 and half million views on youtube wasn't enough?

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