10 big trades in Utah Jazz history

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 23 2011 5:17 p.m. MST

Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
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Taylorsville, UT

Deron @ #1? The Big T and AD trades were bigger than this? Mr, "I've hurt my hand and can't play well anymore" was a big trade, especially as we got two #1 picks for him.

Interesting to note: we also have two potentials early/first round players, playing their senior year, one county away, down south of SL.

Sandy, UT

Me and my family miss you already, Deron! Best of luck to you.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

This is a poor list with little perspective. Somebody at the paper ought to research how Magic Johnson got to L.A., how Pistol Pete got to New Orleans / Utah and the Jeff Malone for the other Jeff who sits on the sidelines. Korver? Seriously? Throwing up a lot of data doesn't make it worthwhile or good information. Don't be in such a rush.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

Oh and something, somewhere about Dominic Wilkins is worth somebody's time at the website. I don't want to do your homework for you but come on . . .

American Fork, UT

Looks like Dominique is on the list at #5.
The Magic Johnson draft pick of 1979 went to the Lakers because of a trade made in 1976 by the New Orleans Jazz for Gail Goodrich. And the Pistol Pete acquisition also happened in New Orleans. Seems like a decent UTAH Jazz list to me.

West Jordan, Utah

Looks like the Utah Jazz have a long history of terrible trades.
Goodbye KOC!

South Jordan, UT

I stopped reading after seeing the name Kyle Korver

chase SL
Salt Lake City, UT

I love the Jazz. They are the best sports organization in the world.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

cactusflats you are wise. I guess it is a UTAH Jazz list so apologies to the list maker. However, Korver shouldn't be on the list and where is the Jeff for Jeff trade? It helped push the Jazz to two NBA finals.

Not So Fast
Salt Lake City, UT

Yep, wrong again. Go ahead and delete me moderator. I give up.

Farmington, UT

I would say seven or eight of these trades turned out to be good ones for Utah. That's not a bad percentage. Especially when the No. 1 trade cannot even be judged yet.

We must remember the perspective, however, that Williams probably was not going to stay in Utah. Don't forget that the Jazz actually got four first round draft picks for D-Will as Harris and Favors were both high lottery picks, too. We must wait a few years to see how all four first round picks turn out before we can judge this D-Will to the Nets deal.

I suspect that Utah will turn out better in the end.

Plus I would rather watch a team play team ball than a star player try to get his stats. Even Kobe gets boring to watch at times. And my least favorite player for years was always among the league leaders in the scoring race in Allen Iverson.

Sloppy J
St. Louis, MO

To poster #1, you're dreamin', dude. Are you seriously talking about Emery as the other senior? The only other option is Magnusson. Hey, I'm a BYU fan, but Emery has as much chance of being a first-round pick as Magnusson does. I doubt he's even being seriously looked at as a second rounder. Love him in college (though he is one-dimensional offensively), but he'll need a passport to play pro ball.

the boonies, mexico

One of the best things about this D-Will trade is that this supposed super star didn't get to choose his destination. That really should be the trend for the NBA. It's disgusting when these overpaid primma-donna's get the big bucks and also get to choose where they play! Nice move Jazz!

Las Vegas, NV

It's too bad that the Jazz will just waste their two draft picks on more "no talent white guys" like Hayward. Come on Jazz - take the opportunity to get better by drafting athletic guys with NBA talent.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

I was on here last night with several others and now this morning our comments have been deleted. You are really desperate in trying to make a story out of this. With Sloan having left under very questionable circumstances many fans are not sympathetic with Williams and are quite happy in fact that he's gone. Especially in light of the fact that he would not have renewed his contract eventually leaving as a free agent with no potential gains for the franchise other than freeing up his salary costs. He was fast becoming a potential "Lame Duck." More than likely with continuing decline of the team Williams attitude would continue to sour...and more than likely so would any commitment he might have left to contribute. At least getting rid of him now has bought some respctable gains. Only by default has this trade actually become probably one of the best deals the Jazz has ever made. The Jazz overall from the time they started in New Orleans do not have a history of making very good trades. This one by far is an exception. Sadly Jerry Sloan's departure is an integral element of this default.


Lindon, UT

Notsofast: I believe the Jeff Malone for Horney, and the Dominic Wilkins deal were both on the list. Suggest you read the article a little better before posting.

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