See which metro areas are the 30 fastest growing in the country

Published: Thursday, Nov. 29 2012 6:32 a.m. MST

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Households in 2012: 624,014

Projected Households in 2017: 657,493

Projected percent change 2012-2017: 5.4 percent

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Cedar Hills, UT

I find it interesting but predictable that every single city was in the conservative South (Florida, Texas, Georgia, Carolina) or the West (not including California). Texas is becoming a mecca for business due to the anti-progressive pro-capitalism environment. Let's take a look at the BIG liberal progressive urban areas including NY, Detroit, Chicago, LA. These places are drying up due to the liberal high taxes and regulations that destroy business from small to large. If this trend continues ... and it most certainly will... you have to wonder if Obama and his progressive socialists will try to grab some of the Texas boom and redistribute it. I smell a BIG fight on the horizon ... probably many fights and Utah could be one of them. Progressivism is such a BUST for business. America is in BIG trouble.

Cache, UT

I agree with patriot. I also find it interesting that the DNews listed the most charitable and least charitable cities recently. The charitable list included, almost exclusively, conservative cities. The non-charitable list included, almost exclusively, liberal cities. The liberals are great at being charitable with other people's money. When asked to put up their own cash, they are scrooges. Glad I am not a "progressive".

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