Top 8 quotes about Jimmer Fredette from the NBA All-Star Weekend

Published: Tuesday, Feb. 22 2011 7:01 p.m. MST

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Associated Press
I've seen him on film a lot. I love him. There are some legitimate questions about whether he's a 1 (point) or a 2 (shooting) guard. But the guy can flat-out score with deep range, catch and shoot or off the dribble. The deep range with the shot will set up the rest of his game. He's got a really special gift for scoring. A guy like that will always be able to find a place to play. I think he'll be a pro for a long time; it's just a matter of finding the right place. Defensively, he'll struggle. He's going to hve to go out there and guard Deron Williams, (Rajon) Rondo, and Derrick Rose but everybody struggles to guard those guys. He's a competitor and he's got a special gift as a player. He's very smart. He'll figure it out.
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Penguin Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Don't Fret-dette, 'cause Jimmer is going to save the day! He's terrific!

#1 Jazz Fan
Springville, UT

Let's not forget Durrant!

"Best scorer in the world!"

oh ye confederacy of dunces
Flushing, NY

That's awesome to hear it from the mouths of the pros. I like what Doc said--that we often get overwhelmed by what a player can't do, and quickly forget what amazed us about him in the first place. Fredette is simply one of the best scorers I have ever watched play. With his scoring gifts, he will have a place in the NBA. It'll be fun to watch.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Awesome. Thanks for asking these guys and compiling some great quotes. Big week for the Jimmer and I hope he can continue to light up the MWC. He went for 40 against both CSU and SDSU so it will be interesting to see how he does this time around.

Oh and it is his birthday on Friday. I hope its a great week for him and the rest of the team. Go Cougars!

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

So we know there are four random people in downtown Dallas who have never heard of Jimmer. However, these people listed here have definately heard about Jimmer.

Good thing they didn't quote Kobe Bryant or Tracy McGrady: "He's probably the second best player, after me of course..." "Jimmer may be good, but he hasn't seen real basketball until he sees what I do against the Suns..." blah blah blah

Saint George, UT

Maybe the cynic in me but these are generalized "you put me on the spot" quotes?

Some of these (if not all) are very general types of compliments. Besides, who is going to dump on him? You think a pro will dump on him? Don't think so.

Silly article.

See you portal "L" tomorrow at 6!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Take that Utah!

Danbury, CT

Folks out on the East Coast are obsessed with Jimmer too. I was at Glens Falls with all of his home town people wearing BYU blue and cheering him on. People I talk to in NYC know about him (would be far better obviously if we weren't stuck on THE MTN). East Coast people know their sports, keep stats and score and know the best players regardless. Jimmer is one of the clear favorites this year.

I know it's hard for some Utes to see a Y guy succeed. But it's happening - enjoy it!!!!

South Jordan, UT

We are enjoying the ride with Jimmer, & Co. He is a terrific bsketball player and a fine young man. What's wrong with a little joy and excitement when there is so much doom and gloom in the federal government and world events? Give me a break! This has been a very fun year for BYU basketball. We wish Jimmer nothing but the very best. Happy Birthday, Jimmer, on Friday.

Go Cougars!

Hugh G. Hater

High praise indeed.

Lets see if he can keep it up during March Madness and lead his team onward.

Gifford VanBuren
Holladay, UT

Did the D-News ACTUALLY send someone to all-star weekend to see what NBA players think of James Fredette? That just screams insecure, and it paints all of us fans in a bad light.
Let's have some confidence in our boy James.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I think if we are fair, we can probably all agree he won't have a successful NBA career. That said, he has been dominant in his senior year of college.

Frisco, TX

Jimmer has earned the respect of everyone in the nation, except for a few Ute trolls who will spend their lives as bitter, haters.

Washington, UT

I remember Adam Morrison being compared to Larry Bird, look where that got him. Jimmer will make a team and get a shot but the chances of him being an all-star are pretty slim. Compare JJ Reddicks senior season stats to Fredettes and they are eerily similar. Reddick has made himself into a good role player for the Magic, I imagine Jimmer will do the same.

Sloppy J
St. Louis, MO

As Doc stated, why is the focus always on what players can't do? Or, more accurately, why is the focus always on what young players SUPPOSEDLY can't do at an elite level?

Or, to put a really fine point on it, why are players of a certain . . umm . . hue always assumed to be unathletic stiffs who got by purely on old-skool fundamentals in college but will get owned in the pros? There are examples that prove that assumption right and others that prove it wrong.

Kerr made the most obvious point. Naysayers talk about Fredette having a rough go guarding the D-Wills, Roses, Rondos and Pauls. Who doesn't?? They can't even guard each other. No reason Jimmer can't be a competent defender who can pick up some steals and take a charge now and then.

Bottom line is, we don't know. He'll get a shot and either make it or not. And he doesn't have to be an all-star to have a nice lucrative career. 360 players on active rosters - 24 all-stars per year. Are 336 players failures this year?

Ephraim, UT

In reply to 'Mormon Ute'.. wow... "would require the young man and young woman to confess to their Bishop or Priest." Does anybody else see the line crossed here...?? You might as well say that 'this would require the stoning of the young girl' as other religions would!!!!
A female wrestling does not REQUIRE anything..... It is only religious beliefs that make the requirements.
Did you stop for one second to consider that the young lady may be any other religion than your own?
I hope that by the time my daughter is in high school... she can wrestle or not, and that there will be no reservations based on her gender.

Mike in Texas
Allen, TX

With Williams traded and a well placed first round pick to the Jazz....do you dare to think.......?

Murray, UT

Anyone else notice how much D-Will's game has gone down the past couple of games, ever since we went to provo to watch the cougars play?

He is suffering from a serious case of jimmer-envy.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

I have never spent a day with an NBA contract...

Fredette is a stud.

Can we leave it there?

South Jordan, UT

I'm vomiting over the Jimmer hype. It's out of control.

Farmington, UT

Jimmer is young and is still learning and improving. But the kid can shoot. Almost any NBA team has room on its roster for a flat-out shooter, but Jimmer is more than a stand-up shooter who needs the perfect pass at the perfect time. He also can create his own shot and is one of the best ball handlers in basketball at any level. That's why I believe he will be an impact player in the NBA. All Star? Who knows? A great many wonderfully talented players never become All Stars. In the pros he will not face as many double teams. He also will make more assists. Many times he sets up fellow Cougars perfectly only to see them miss open shots. Most pros make the open shot. It's the special player who makes the shot with a hand in his face. And Fredette is one of those special players who doesn't mind shooting over a defender.

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