Football players from Utah colleges drafted to the NFL in the 1980s

Published: Tuesday, April 23 2013 8:30 a.m. MDT

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1980 NFL Draft
Round 4, Pick 85
Detroit Lions

Hipple played nine seasons with Detroit Lions. He threw for 10,711 yards, 55 touchdowns and 70 interceptions in his career.
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Orem, UT

Maybe I missed them but I didn't see Jason Buck or Shawn Knight. Round 1 1987. I didn't see Trevor Matich either, Round 1 1985.

Provo, UT

No offense but Young only started in one Super Bowl, Montana started the other games...

Spanish Fork, UT

Out of the 71, BYU had 36. (add in Buck, Knight and Matich and that is 39/74= 52% with 4 universities named) My point... I don't understand Bronco saying placing players in the NFL is no indication of the success of the program. It was the 80s where BYU dominated so much and...they had a ton of players go on to the NFL. How can Bronco not see the correlation or am I missing something.

Springville, UT


Knight and Buck were both in there. 59 and 60 I believe.


I agree, NFL caliber players does indicate the success of the program. I kind of see Bronco's point, that you can have a really good team with players that may not get drafted, but it seems silly to deny that having more NFL-caliber players is not the goal. Of course you want to send players to the NFL. That attracts more quality players (LDS or not). If BYU were consistently producing NFL talent, maybe we wouldn't miss out on the cream of the LDS crop, like Manti Te'o, Star Lotulelei, Tony Moeaki, etc.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Football players from Utah colleges drafted to the NFL in the 1980s

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


(Sorry for above posting - cut-off accidentily.

As I was saying - I agree with your comments. When I saw the title of the article, I smilled. The Deseret News had to go back to the 80's to attempt to verify BYU's relevancy. The 80's was their era. What would the article look like if the 2000's period was selected? Isn't that more telling that a period 33-23 years ago? Obviously, so there must be a follow-up article for the decades of the 90's and 00's! Looking forward to reading those articles.

South Jordan, UT

Of course the DNews is going to do an article that puts one school in a better light. The eighties were awesome. Not as good after that decade.

Provo, UT

Google Alfred Pupunu Weber State. Super Bowl 1995 San Diego Chargers. 9 years in NFL

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