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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 20 2012 9:47 p.m. MST

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Retail stores are getting noisier — and they're doing it on purpose. That's what Emily Anthes reports in Psychology Today.

"Loudness may annoy the sound-sensitive customer, but overall, it pays," Anthes writes. "Shoppers make more impulsive purchases when they're overstimulated. Loud volume leads to sensory overload, which weakens self-control."

"Overload makes people move into a less deliberate mode of decision making," Kathleen Vohs, an associate professor of marketing at the University of Minnesota, told Psychology Today. "People might be more likely to be lured by brand names, fooled by discounts on items that they might not really want, and susceptible to other influences."

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Columbus, OH

On a day designed to help Americans remember all that they have, we're running stories on how you can save $20 to get some useless device for some quick pseudo-happiness. Oh, unlike those in Gaza, I can reasonably assume my child won't be killed by rocket blasts, should I reflect on that blessing or...Oh look at these sales!

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