These 30 U.S. metropolitan areas are the least diverse in the country

Published: Thursday, Nov. 15 2012 6:40 a.m. MST

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Share in largest ethnic group: 75 percent


  • Total population: 1,759,229
  • Hispanic or Latino: 109,222
  • White: 1,311,317
  • Asian: 40,563
  • Black or African American: 259,981
  • American Indian and Alaska Native: 3,888
  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 235
  • Some other race: 2,393
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Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Oh! They mean in racial diversity. Diversity originally meant 'cultural diversity' so if one is exposed to different cultures they have broader viewpoint and they are more innovative. If you define diverse as 'racially diverse' then, Utah is not that diverse, if you look at diversity in terms of the original meaning, Utah is really diverse. Where else would you see a 6 ft tall blond guy walking down the street having a conversation with four 5 ft tall Cambodians in Cambodian or would you meet speakers of obscure South Pacific languages like Mangarevan or Kosraen.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm not sure if I understand what they're trying to get at. Even with the numbers they distribute they have just 6 or fewer ethnicities or races defined.

How diverse can a city be that has 2 million whites, 1.5 million latinos, .5 million African Americans, .25 million Asians and .2 million other. Does that mean it's richly diverse?

Or is this just a back door racists way of stating, which cities have the most white? I don't understand why white people are demonized and everytime they lose ground in population it's celebrated. Could you imagine if we celebrated the decline of latino numbers and publish how whites are leading the breeding game?

Just seems racists.

Unless someone would care to explain why it's not racists, when they keep publishing and wording things this way.

Foreign countries that I have been in, they don't publish the race of people like this. In fact they are more accepting of the white race, than people are here.

Cache county, USA

Everything is about race.
It is destroying our country

Temecula, CA

Locations of individuals is determined by many points. For example, weather daily, climate over time, medical reasons, closeness to base family groups, types of jobs ect.....

Is it neccessary to be culturally diverse or more culturally aware like having hundreds of thousands of foreign serving missionaries or soldiers living in an area?

Has anyone putting this list together been to Seoul, Tokyo, any Chinese city, Moscow or any of thousands of other cities or hundreds of other countries? Sure a lot less diversity in many of those places.

American immigration allows over 1 million people a year to immigrate here legally each year.

Does diversity really mean anything other than for politically correct reasons?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Just goes to show WHY Mitt Romney won Utah by such a wide margin ---

Grumpy Old White Men.

Remember this next election;
Obama won because we are a country of Latinos, Women, Young poeple, Asians, Muslims, Jews, and everything in between.

Get it? ... M-E-L-T-I-N-G Pot.

Sandy, UT

I've been to a few places in this country. None of those places, urban or rural, are very diverse. Even in a city as cosmopolitan as say NYC or San Francisco, there are white neighborhoods, black neighborhoods, and everything in between. So some cities have more groups than others. They are still segregated by those groups geographically, through definable, neighborhood boundaries, if within the same city.

American First
Merced, CA

Nowhere in the Constitution did it say that the population must be equally divided by race...It says All Men Are Created Equal. These racist studies are run by socialists who divide everybody by race, class, gender, circumstance, etc...America must become one colorblind culture made out of many...These progressive attacks on the White population must end, they're creating dangerous resentment.

Former Sports Director
Ogden, UT

Hey, LDS Liberal, there were more Ohio places higher up the list than the only Utah entry. Why didn't Mitt win Ohio then?

Cache county, USA

Lds liberal.
Do you enjoy living in Utah? I just want to ask, because you seem upset at everything there.

Salt Lake City, UT

LDS Liberal loves ripping Utah and it's citizens but would probably never want to leave. It's a mentality that I actually see often. It falls under the category Anti-social sociophilia. Pretty common disorder.

Salt Lake City, UT

I cannot believe that Provo-Orem is not on the list. Does it not count as a metropolitan area? It has to be the least ethnically AND religiously diverse area in the country.

Danbury, CT

Did anyone notice that El Paso, with 80% Latino population was high on the list? It's not just about whites - diversity is when things are balanced.

That said, who is more diverse? People who have lived in one city their whole lives or those who are FROM another place or who have gotten outside? Diversity is not just about appearances. It's what's inside that counts.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Salt Lake City, UT
LDS Liberal loves ripping Utah and it's citizens but would probably never want to leave. It's a mentality that I actually see often. It falls under the category Anti-social sociophilia. Pretty common disorder.

2:43 p.m. Nov. 15, 2012


Actually - I was once an ultraConservative like most the other posters here until I LEFT Utah 30 years ago.

After living all over the U.S.,
Serving a SouthVietnamese LDSMission,
serving in the USAF and living abroad,
living in WA,CA, KS, VA for 22 years before coming back behind the Zion Curtain 5 years ago --

I discovered a few things -

1. The people of Utah live in an itsy bitsy teeny tiny little bubble fantasy world in their own mind
2. Utah is NOT the Zion many think it is, I'm disappointed, because it SHOULD be.
3. The prophet lives right here, and most Mormons don't listen or follow him as they should.
4. The BEST Mormons I've ever known are not from Utah, are not Americans -- most are minorities living in Socialist nations
5. The disorder is here. Its pride, a closedmind, stiffnecks & hardhearts and it's what destroyed the Nephites.


Durham, NC

"I discovered a few things -

1. The people of Utah live in an itsy bitsy teeny tiny little bubble world
2. Utah should be the Zion many think it is, but isn't, its polarized at many levels.
3. The prophet lives right here, but sometimes it is hard to tell.
4. The BEST Mormons I've ever known are not from Utah, are not Americans -- most are minorities living in Socialist nations, where they faith is truly tested
5. The disorder is here is pride, closed mindness, stiffnecks & harden-hearts"

I will second this with included changes

I too was born in Utah - but have lived all over the world and the US. I still have lots of family and friends still in Utah - all very good people. But when I come back and go to church with them, having a multi-racial family, it is funny how many kids heads in the pews in front of us are turned backwards staring at us like we just landed from a foreign planet. It don't say this in a mean way, just a statement of fact.

Utah is many wonderful things, but diverse under any definition, it is not.

Heidi T.
Farmington, Utah

Who cares? When we stop our categorizing we may concentrate on contributing to unity. That would be nice.

Plano, TX

Just scanning the white dominated cities (all but 2 of which I've been in on business), it's hard to not notice that they are VERY cold weather cities, for the most part. Living in the south the last 23 years, the relatively higher black population really is something that's part of the fabric of our life. My son went to ID on an LDS mission and on the way back from the airport driving home, we stopped to get something to eat. First thing he said "There are black people !"...

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

I like LDS liberal and his comments, except for his often condescending tone. I only sometimes agree with him, but I'm glad he has stuck around....if only on the DN threads.


Why is this relevant?

Is it coincidence that immigration (cheap labor) and diversity go hand in hand?

Cache county, USA

Lds liberal.
I guess I agree with all of that.
And I am a solid right wing repub

Cache county, USA

I might add though, I wouldnt live in a lot of other places though.
Utah has its two faced jones.
But, it's a safe place to live, with nice people.
They just get a little out of hand at times.
I still say though, why live there?
Must have family there I guess...

Omaha, NE

I moved to Utah in 1972 after serving in the USAF in Germany. We bought our first home in SE SLC and found a surprising difference in neighbors - the ones who had never lived outside SLC treated us like we had strange diseases while those who had been outside the area were great neighbors (all of these with one exception were LDS).

The social exclusion practiced by some is like you'll find in many other areas of the country - try living in south Boston if you weren't Catholic, for example. This type of behavior is found all over, and LDS members aren't any worse than we'd seen in other parts of the US and world. In fact, while I'm not religious, I have more respect for the LDS church and it's members than any others because I saw far less hypocrisy there than anyplace else I have lived.

The SLC light rail system revived a once-great trolley system that ran for years there and is, I believe, a great addition to the city that will help it grow and attract new faces and business opportunities far into the future.

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