2012 Student Count report: Utah school district enrollment data

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 13 2012 10:08 a.m. MST

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
A recent report puts enrollment at Utah public schools exceeding 600,000 students, creating a 2.2 percent growth since 2011. You can read more about the report from Deseret News staff writer Ben Wood.

Highlights of the 2012 Student Count report:

» Total: 600,985

» Kindergarteners: 50,388

» Male students: 308,978 (51%)

» Female students: 292,006 (49%)

» Students who identified as a minority group: 137,647 (23%)

» Students who identified as Hispanic: 93,166 (15.5%)

» Economically disadvantaged: 219,901 (36.6%)

» Economically disadvantaged minority: 89,831 (15%)

» Students who listed Spanish as native language: 49,668

The following list shows data from the report for all of Utah's school districts, along with other statistics. Information from the Utah State Office of Education.
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Podunk, UT

Anyone know where we can see the actual enrollment numbers for each school/grade?

optic yellow
Ogden, UT

To Mokie:

Go to the USOE website
Data and Statistics
Educational Data
Student Enrollment and Membership

there are various files sorted by district class school etc

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