10 of the closest presidential elections in United States history

Published: Monday, Nov. 5 2012 4:21 p.m. MST

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Associated Press
Year: 1796

Electoral college tally: 71 to 68

Total/majority: 138/69

The election of 1796 pitted John Adams and the Federalist Party against Thomas Jefferson on the Democratic-Republican ticket. Under the current structure of government, the person with the next highest number of votes would become vice president. In this case, Jefferson beat out Federalist Thomas Pinckney and was named vice president, despite coming from the opposing party as the new president. The election, along with the election of 1800, led to the ratification of the 12th Amendment.

>> Thomas Jefferson (left) and John Adams (right)
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Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

How on earth did the 1960 election (Nixon/Kennedy) not make the list? I think the popular vote was separated by only around 100,000 votes.

Coon Rapids, MN

AS with most, the author incorrectly states that Bush did not win the popular election, and as most forgets about Broward County where the ballots were poorly printed and the majority of Bush's votes were actually counted for Buchanan. In reality Bush won the popular vote by a comfortable margin.

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