Battleground states: The road to 270 electoral votes to win the presidency

Published: Thursday, Nov. 1 2012 5:29 p.m. MDT

As President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney race to Election Day on Nov. 6, it takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. Following is a state by state glance at the latest AP status for each battleground state in the 2012 presidential election, as well as current polling data and developments.
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Hayden, ID

So much is at stake in this election. Please pray the voters will be inspired to vote for the best leader.

salt lake city, UT

I truly believe come next Wednesday the voters will have made the best choice. Prayers will have nothing to do with.

West Jordan, UT

It's interesting that Massachusetts is solidly Obama. I guess Romney didn't win many fans there while Governor.

Hayden, ID

History is full of nations and individuals who choose leaders who led them in the wrong direction with serious negative consequences. Its not enough to be led, we must be certain we are going in the right direction. We always get the leaders and the consequences we deserve when we choose leaders. When we consider what the "right direction" is, one consults their values, what they esteem to be most important, our highest priorities and I suggest these things come from God or not! If not, it is a certainty we will choose leaders who will lead us in the wrong direction. That's why prayer has much to do with knowing in the first place what the right direction is. Like man in the wilderness without a moral compass is lost, so is America.

Far East USA, SC

Well, according to this polling map, Romney needs to win ALL of the undecideds and then get a few of the "leaning Obama" to win.

Maybe that is why the oddsmakers have Obama as a prohibitive favorite.

I am guessing that voting will have much more of an affect in the outcome than praying.

Lastly, if praying does help, how do you know that Romney would be the beneficiary?

salt lake city, UT

Prayer has always been a comforting, useful excercise for humans. Long before Christanity humans were praying for help or guidance. Our founding fathers and current rational leaders realize the risk of mixing religon with politics and governing. As a nation we need to determine what type of country we want to be and through elections determine the best govermnent and leaders for that. Both candidates are decent men with strong values that are reflective of our country. Their leadership styles and visions are quite different. I would argue that Americans rationally, not spirtually, determine our next President on the differences of those things instead of searching for some gut feeling to guide you.

J Thompson

Just a few weeks ago, the media "polls" told us that Obama had the election won. Then, with each passing day, we learn that those early media "polls" were wrong. With each passing day, the media, in order to save face is printing more of the truth - the truth that it should have printed months ago. That truth is that Obama is not the person that most Americans want as President. They may not want Romney, but they are fed up with Obama's lack of leadership.

Each family in America is paying for Obama's inexperience. We're paying $2,500 more per year for health insurance. We've lost over $4,000 per working person per year in reduced wages. We have over $16,000 PER PERSON in unpaid tax liabilities - just since Obama took office.

What has he done to deserve our support? He's played golf and taken vacations. He's lied about the death of an ambassador and three other brave Americans - before jetting off to Las Vegas.

The "polls" are "Dan Rather" tactics. Media is trying to throw the election to Obama. Maybe that's why most media is facing bankruptcy.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Take note --

With the economy in the toilet, a full blown recession for 4+ years --
This election should have been a one-way ticket for Obama.


The Moderate Republican from Massachucetts had a great shot at it, it was his to loose.
in the battle to win the GOP nomination -

Mitt Romney chose to Flip-Flop, cave, shuffle about, and compromised his values so many times on so many issues to win the ultra-far-Right-wing's approval -- that history will show he lost the War.

...like a ship without a rudder.

Clearfield, Utah

I think if our country spent more time on their knees praying this country would not be in the mess it is in right now and I am sure if we spend some time praying about which canadate would be best for the job to run this country there would be less controversy over which canadate we should vote for.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Could our nation have heard a couple of messages from God this week?
Answers to prayers?
America experienced the worst storm ever. The showcased the strength of President Obama's decision making, the fine work of FEMA, and Dems and Repubs working together.
Climate change, perhaps?
Prayers not always answered as requested?
George Bush is in the Cayman Islands discussing......?
Why are the Repubs in charge of this election letting George do this now?
What else is in store the next few days?

Salt Lake City, UT

@J Thompson
"Just a few weeks ago, the media "polls" told us that Obama had the election won. Then, with each passing day, we learn that those early media "polls" were wrong"

The polls weren't wrong. A debate happened that changed things significantly.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

J Thompson
Just a few weeks ago, the media "polls" told us that Obama had the election won. Then, with each passing day, we learn that those early media "polls" were wrong.


It's because yo listen to talking heads and AM radio.

The polls have ALWAYS shown Obama ahead in the Electoral College - ALWAYS.

Farmington, UT

The clear winner is Obama. Not even gonna be close when such a clear choice is set before America,

Ogden, UT

There are two distinc groups of folks represented here. Those who work for a living and those who vote for a living. Can you tell the areas where the the latter are concentrated by the color of the state?

Centerville, UT

@no fit in SG

"The showcased the strength of President Obama's decision making, the fine work of FEMA, and Dems and Repubs working together.
Climate change, perhaps? "

Yeah, it's going REALLY well out there on Staten Island. Six hours for gasoline. Still no power. But that is Bush's fault, right?

Sandy, UT

Praying is going to save this country? I hope people do not think Romney or Obama are going to save them or that god will pick a winner. That is pure foolishness

Woods Cross, UT

I just love media polls. I am old enough to remember, and you can google this to verify, that Carter led Reagan in the polls. I do not trust polls, regardless of what direction they point.

Provo, UT

For many years we lived in a country that respected prayer and heavenly guidance Now, those attitudes are mocked and considered extreme. People used to understand that the founders wanted us to have freedom of religion without the state forcing a specific sect on the people. Their journals and records show they prayed in public and private and never felt we should be a nation who would force freedom from religion. Those who read the writings of the founders know that revisionist history is false and has an agenda.

Newspapers, journals etc. prove an America at the time of the Revolution who believed the hand of God was guiding and freeing our country. We again need freeing from tyranny of a government out of control. We again need prayer...and action like voting and having the courage to speak out even when we are mocked.

Mcallen, TX

Any more Obama changes, and we won't even recognize this country.

Obama has brought in, over nine hundred new executive orders, compared to ninety from all other presidents combined.

And yes, the Muslim Brotherhood will receive more federal money to build up Egypt, then our east coast states after hurricane Sandy.

How's that for hope and change--Crazy how this race can even be close. The big question, "what did Obama do"? What did he do?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

On November 6 the country will make its decision. I hope everyone is willing to do what the Founding Fathers intended and unite behind that decision whether we personally voted for it or not.

Phoenix, AZ

I guess all you Obama fans have jobs, houses, cars, ect?

Salt Lake, UT


Yes, do you?

Mcallen, TX

Being raised by people, a lion would not be able to survive if released into the wild.

Same with people raised by government programs.

Which candidate will promote self reliance?

Durham, NC

"Any more Obama changes, and we won't even recognize this country."

Ummmm.... what changes are you talking about? What is it that you can't do today, that you were able to do 4 years ago. Is it the stock market that was at 6,600 hundred that you long for. Or the good old days of a dead housing market with rampant foreclosures. Perhaps it was the glory days of nightly body counts from two wars.... or the reporting of pirates on the high sees.... thats a fond memory. I know... it was the banking crisis. That was a good one. Billions of dollars spent to prop up deregulated banks that could turn just about anything into a derived investment tool. I really miss those.

But now that we have lost the right to own guns, are taxes have doubled, unemployment is still rising at the rates it was at the end of the last administration...... oh wait... none of that happened. No Obama Youth. No devaluation of our currency, gold hasn't doubled..... what happened. I was expecting the Socialist States of America?

Good grief, no matter who wins, less will change than any of this rhetoric claims.

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