The 5 best wins (and 5 worst losses) of Kyle Whittingham's Utah Utes coaching career

Published: Thursday, Nov. 1 2012 8:38 p.m. MDT

Kyle Whittingham takes on his 100th game as Utah head coach this Saturday against Washington State, so we're looking back at the best (and most heartbreaking) moments in Utah Utes football over the past eight years. If you think we missed a game that deserved a spot in this list, leave a comment with your favorite memories from that game.
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Salt Lake City, UT

I don't agree with a lot of the games on this list, especially in the worst column. How do you leave the 27-0 shellacking that UNLV put on the Utes in 2007 off the list. That IMO is the #1 worse loss of Whittingham's career. Also, I think the wrong TCU game was represented here, the one in 2010, where TCU beat Utah 47-7 was much worse--the Utes had a bad quarter in 2009, but the rest of the game was rather competive. Other ones that should be considered for the list include: Utah at ND (2010), Utah at Cal (2011), and Utah vs. Boise State (2010), Utah at Wyoming (2006).
The most nonsensical part of this list though is that the BYU at Utah game in 2006 is Whittingham's worst loss. Please explain? Utah was a two touchdown underdog and nearly beat BYU for a fifth year in a row. Most heartbreaking? Maybe. But if we're talking about "worst" as in games where Utah didn't compete, that shouldn't be on the list.


The 54-10 crushing of BYU will always be one of my best memories, at least in recent years, of the Utes. It was total domination from start to finish.

Go Utes!!

West Jordan, Utah

Right SMS.

Also left out on the 'best side' was the 2004 BYU game that sent Utah to the Fiesta Bowl. The 2008 BYU game was on the list (48-24). That one sent Utah to the Sugar Bowl.

Centerville, UT

This list is invalid without 2010 TCU as one of the worst losses.

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