Tips to staying healthy – avoid a holiday diet nightmare

Published: Wednesday, Oct. 31 2012 9:48 a.m. MDT

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Laura Seitz, Deseret News
"It's common for some to pack on five to 10 pounds of body fat onto their normal 'cut' athletic bodies during the holiday season, which can compromise performance at winter races and make for a slow return to peak form in the spring," according to Kim Mueller, wrote on Active. Muller is a registered sports nutritionist and competitive endurance athlete.

>> Instead of waiting to eat at big meal eat small little meals to help curb your appetite.

>> Slow the pace when eating meals. "It takes at least 20 minutes for our brains to signal that we're actually full, which means a slow eater will consume less calories before feeling full than someone who races through their meal," said Muller in her article.

>> Savor the first few bites. "When looking at brain chemicals signaling 'pleasure,' scientists have found that we receive less pleasure the more we eat of a food," she wrote. "So rather than feeling like you must eat a full serving of every desert at a holiday meal, take a bite or two and receive 90 percent of the pleasure at 10 percent of the calories."
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