Utah Jazz basketball: The best Jazz players of all-time

Published: Thursday, Nov. 1 2012 5:42 p.m. MDT

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With team: 1975-76

PPG with Jazz: 9.2

Bibby wasn't especially great at anything in particular, but he was a hard-nosed point guard who shot 42 percent from the field for the Jazz early in the team's existence in New Orleans.
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What a great article as well as a wonderful walk down memory lane with all of these outstanding Jazz players. This article made my day! Thank you!

Millie Bess

I remember vividly when Stockton made the final shot that sent the Jazz to the Finals. He truly is one of the all time greats!~ This was a fun article and it was great to have my memory jogged!

Provo, UT

Great article. I think Pistol Pete should have been 3rd and D Will 4th, but I agree with most of the list. Fun list to see.

Murray, Utah

Great list. Personally would have switched Jeff Malone and Jeff Hornacek for the added versatility and defense that Hornacek brought.

David King
Layton, UT

Of course we all use different factors when assembling a list like this, but I really think Andrei Kirilenko deserves to be much higher. I think we all focus on his big contract and a couple of disappointing seasons but have we forgotten the year he made the All-Star team, or that he was our most complete player the year the Jazz missed the playoffs by one game after Stockton and Malone's departure? The only other thing I would change about this list is to take out Donyell Marshall completely. Maybe I'm not remembering correctly, but Marshall just isn't one of the first to come to my mind when I think of greatest all-time Jazz players. If we're going by stats, doesn't someone like Al Jefferson deserve to take his place? Or if it's importance to the team, couldn't you make the argument for someone like Derek Fisher or Howard Eisley (who I think was Stockton's best back-up) to be there instead?

Salt Lake City, UT

I know that we needed to get rid of DWill for all sorts of reasons, but if we had a chance to get him back, I'd take it in a heartbeat. I just loved watching that guy play, and it kills me to see him in a Nets uni.

It's funny, I feel like DWill is still a Jazzman who no longer plays for the Jazz and Boozer is a guy who played for the Jazz but was never a Jazzman.

Salt Lake City, UT

Horrible job, but then again, how credible can one be who thinks the Jazz were ever in the NBA... ("Boone played with the Jazz back when the team was in ABA.")

Apparently the editors were asleep at the wheel, also.

Gold Canyon, az

What, no Greg Ostertag? Just kidding. Jeff Hornacek was much better than Jeff Malone, as that was considered one of the Jazz's better trades. The list is telling why Malone and Stockton did not win a title, due to not a very strong supporting cast.

Zona Zone
Mesa, AZ

I was disappointed with that ABA comment as well. The Jazz have always been in the NBA. Boone, of course, played with the Utah Stars of the ABA, but it was bad editing.

Bountiful, UT

Ron Boone played with the Utah Jazz when they first came to Utah as well as playing for the Stars.

The hardest name on this list for me to swallow is Rich Kelly.

Goleta, CA

Bobby Hansen should have been on the list.

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