President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney race to collect newspaper endorsements in swing states

Published: Tuesday, Oct. 30 2012 9:07 a.m. MDT

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Circulation: 100,196

2008 endorsement: None

2012 endorsement: To be decided

>> President Barack Obama shakes hands with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney during the first presidential debate at the University of Denver, Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012, in Denver.
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I think it's important to note that no newspapers switched from McCain to Obama only from Obama to Romney. Jus' sayin'

American Fork, UT

"The Deseret News, as a matter of policy, does not endorse political candidates." Seriously? How close can you get without actually having to call it an endorsement?

Salt Lake City, UT


Yes the Deseret coverage is a little Romney heavy, but you have to think about their audience. Obviously lots of people in Utah are interested in Romney and therefore the DNews is going to cover that because it is of local intrest. As far as I know, Obama has no ties with Utah nor has he visited the state. Newspapers are in the business of selling newspapers. In Utah, Romney sells. It isn't a matter of endorsement, just a matter of business. Perhaps you forget when Jon Huntsman was in the race. DNews ran quite a few articles about him until he dropped out.

Ogden, UT

To FairchildIV 12:10 p.m. Oct. 30, 2012

The problem is that the DesNews is very biased in its coverage. It is not just "a little Romney heavy". It is EXTREMELY Romney heavy. It publicizes the good about him, but totally ignore the many negatives that have been discovered before and during the campaign. The editors are quite selective in the letters they use and the ones they bounce. The "push" in favor of Romney is decided and noticable. It goes far beyond what a news source is supposed to do. It would be appropriate for pretty much all of the Romney coverage to be found on the Editorial/Opinion page and not in the news section.

The DesNews, on a regular bsis, hypes for Romney. It gives, and has given, a defacto endorsement even though it clothes it as something else. As Hutterite correctly said, how close can you get without actually having to call it an endorsement?

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

I don't care who endorses who. I'm voting for Romney because I want to still be employed in another four years. If we have another four years of Obama the company I work for may not make it.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT
I don't care who endorses who. I'm voting for Romney because I want to still be employed in another four years. If we have another four years of Obama the company I work for may not make it.


How can Romney save it? If it goes broke under Obama, it probably will under Romney. After all, it was Romney that has said over and over that it is the private sector that creates jobs, not government. He will have no control whatsoever, right?

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

"The Deseret News, as a matter of policy, does not endorse political candidates. "

It looks like they're just going to keep us guessing about who they really favor in the Presidential election. They have not tipped their had at all in their "News Analysis" pieces or in their coverage of the campaigns. I guess it will remain one of the great mysteries of our time.

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

@Lane Myer
Government policies effect private businesses greatly. Our next president needs to create a climate where private companies have the ability to grow. And Romney was right. It is the private sector that creates jobs. And create jobs they will if they are given a chance. If the government is sucking up all their profits how can they pay new employees? There is no way I would vote for Obama given his track record on the economy. I can not fathom why the younger generation is so enthralled by Obama. These kids are getting out of college and can't get a job. Can't repay their student debt. Many are moving back in with parents but yet Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Don't get it. He promised he would turn the economy around. The opposite has happened, it is much worse. Sorry, but Obama failed. Romney policies will be much better for small business. Anyone who says any different is blind or doesn't want to see the truth.

Visalia, CA

Here are the negatives about Romney. He is conservative

Here are the negatives about Obama. He can do no wrong, he sends tingles up peoples legs, women swoon over him, and he has never worked in the private sector (don't try to tell me teaching at a public institution is a private sector job).

Ok. Having said that, I will vote for Romney because I believe it is totally inappropriate to send tingles up people's legs. I also believe the government spends too much, intrudes in our lives to much, and is out of control.

Please wake up people. Please understand that more government means more money from us. More control to the government. Stop pretending that Obama et al. will save us from ourselves. Only we can do that. Vote Romney (I am Haggy and I approve this message).

Cedar Hills, UT

The Denver Post comment was laughable...

"Obama, on the other hand, has shown throughout his term that he is a steady leader who keeps the interests of a broad array of Americans in mind."

Steady leader? Keeps the interests of a broad array of Americans in mind? Oh please - this is bordering on silly. Barack Obama is as steady as a broken chair and he has demonstrated over and over that he is ONLY interested in HIS far left crowd and none else. Holy cow - even the mans personal likeability has plunged over the past 6 months as his campaign became more ugly and cheap. It will be so nice to NOT have to say the name of Barack Obama again !!! What a nightmarish 4 years!

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't care who endorses who. I'm voting for Barack Obama because I still want to be employed in 4 years. Under the Bush administration, my employer was nearly driven into bankruptcy. Had John McCain won in 2008, I have little doubt my employer would have gone belly up and I'd have been out looking for work. I give a great deal of credit to the Obama administration for getting the floundering economic ship righted and sailing again in the right direction.

Under a Romney administration, I have little doubt that the economy will again be turned in the wrong direction and the job security gains I've seen over the last four years will be lost.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

I see that no papers that went Republican in 2008 have gone Democrat in 2012. However, many have changed from endorsing the President to endorsing the Republican. That might be a bad sign. But then again, who takes the press seriously anymore?

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

Google this and watch the video: youtube y draw Mitt Romney vs Obama 2012

Romney = America the Beautiful (the way the country was founded to be)
Obama = America, the "I can take whatever I want from people cause I have a right to steal"

There are plenty of things I don't agree with Romney on, but the wiser choice for investing in a better country tomorrow is clearly Romney. Obama, intentions aside, will only bring devastation.


"The Deseret News, as a matter of policy, does not endorse political candidates."

Nobody believes that.

Deseret News has had one-sided coverage of the issues and the election. They have no liberal op-eds or columnists.

It is shameful that DN says one thing and does another which reflects poorly on its LDS ownership.

Centerville, UT

The Obama campaign and its supporters sound like Soviet-era spokesmen who deny what is right in front of everyone's face. "We've seen economic growth." NO, We have not. "It's all Bush's fault." NO, It is not. "It could have been much worse." No, it could have been much better. I challenge any Obama supporter to tell me what Obama's agenda is for the second term. How it is different from what he has done in the first term?

To say that Romney is going to ruin all this 'progress' is like saying the cops are going to come and mess up the accident scene.

Bountiful, UT

Furry1993: you aren't complaining are you? I see your point made substituting the Salt Lake Tribune and the president for DesNews and Romney in your post

Kaysville, UT

After reading the 40 endorsements or lack of from the various papers, it is interesting to note a couple of the large newspaper's comments.

When you see the comments below from 3 of the newspapers that support Obama, it makes you wonder why they would support him with the comments they made. Do they think people are stupid?
“President Obama showed firm commitment to using government to foster growth, formed sensible budget policies and worked to save the social safety net,” The New York Times.

My question is used government was correct and what budget policies if there hasn’t been a budget.

The Washington Post said: “We come to that judgment with eyes open to the disappointments of Mr. Obama’s time in office. He did not end, as he promised he would, our chronic avoidance of tough decisions on fiscal matters. But he is committed to the only approach that can succeed: a balance of entitlement reform and revenue increases."

His tough decisions are spend more and more without a budget.

Two large east coast newspapers would appear to be drowning in their philosophy and supporting a person who isn't ready.

Kaysville, UT

The LA Times said: "(Obama's) record is by no means perfect. His expansive use of executive power is troubling, as is his continuation of some of the indefensible national security policies of the George W. Bush administration," the paper said. "Obama swept into office as a transformative figure, but the expectations built up by the long campaign thudded back to earth amid an unexpectedly steep recession and hyperbolic opposition from the right. That the GOP has sought to block his agenda wherever possible is undeniable, but truly great leaders find ways to bring opposing factions together when the times demand it; Obama has not yet been able to do so."
Why would reputable newspapers write this information supporting Obama with words that indicate he is not a strong person, even after holding the office for 4-years with a layer of Czar staff to assist him in every move?
He has had his 4-years and these newspapers that support him now with these types of comments don’t seem to be realistic. Is it that he has a failed agenda and priorities? Will these newspapers risk supporting a person who failed in his first term with promises of Hope to Change?

St George, UT

@merich39 ...well at least Obama will get one vote. I think you need to used to hearing 'President Romney'. It's gonna happen.



Sounds like you need a new accountant!

Cache, UT

@Furry1993 If you think the Desnews is biased towards Romney and don't like it, go to the sltrib where they are clearly biased towards Obama. They actually endorsed obama, despite the fact that most of their readers don't want him as President. When I found out they endorsed BO, I quit visiting their site for good. Maybe, if you are upset about the desnews, you should go where you will be happy?

Ogden, UT

To md 6:09 am. Oct 31 2012

What you do not understand is this -- I do not restrict myself to reading one particular aspect of the political spectrum. I read and listen to news media from the far left to the far right (and everything in between too).

I know that the Trib specifically endorsed Obama, and I don't agree with their position. I recognize that the DesNews endorses Romney sub rosa, and I don't agree with their position either. Quite frankly, I think the country will not be well-served by having either Obama or Romney as President.

I was commenting only on the integrity of the newspapers. The difference between the two papers is this -- the Trib is honest about what it does, despite the fact that their decision is not well-taken. The DesNews, on the other hand, is not honest about what it does -- it claims that it does not make any endorsements, and then turns around and (by its actions) endorses Romney. I wish the DesNews was either more equitable in how it treats the two candidates if it doesn't want to give an endorsement, or just endorse its favorite.

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