Getting to know the 2012-2013 BYU Cougars basketball team

Published: Friday, Oct. 26 2012 9:36 a.m. MDT

The 2012 college basketball season is just around the corner, and the BYU team is full of familiar faces, returned missionaries, and one or two brand-new additions. Career-ending injuries to Chris Collinsworth and Stephen Rogers mean other players will have to step up. So you'll be hearing all of these names sooner than later. With that in mind, here's a closer look at the 14 players on the 2012 roster for the Cougars.
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Idaho Falls, ID

Pretty guard-heavy roster. I think Brandon Davies is going to feel quite lonely in the paint......


The article uses tersm like 'his share' and 'larger role' in a few instances. Do we have any idea who will make up the starting lineup? The slideshow suggests Davies, Haws, Zylstra, and Carlino, but fails to assert whether or not the team will play small, saving Austin from foul trouble, or start Austin and lean on Harward and Ambrosino should he or Davies get in to foul trouble.

Assuming Ambrosino is a capable defender and rebounder, I think I would lean toward Carlino, Zyzltra, Haws, AMbrosino, and Davies with Austin as the first guy off the bench (either subbing for Ambrosino or shifting Haws to 2 and Ambrosino to 3 when needing a bigger lineup). Next guys up would be Delgado and Winder. This leaves Cusick, Sharp, and Rose as the last guys up (in that order), filling in only when absolutely needed or in 'garbage' time.

Layton Shumway

Good points, WisCoug. We don't really know yet who the starters will be, so your guess is as good as mine.

My initial inclination is that Austin would start with Davies, along with Carlino, Zylstra and Haws. Those are the five returning players with the most experience that fit the starting positions.

But this year's roster is pretty versatile, and Ambrosino or Delgado could easily slide in wherever needed. I've just seen less film on them, so I admit I don't know for sure, and Coach Rose hasn't said yet.

I think no matter who starts, you're looking at a rotation of Carlino, Davies, Haws, Zylstra, Austin, Ambrosino, Delgado, Winder and Cusick, with Harward playing emergency big-man minutes. We'll have to see how the roles shake out from there.

Frisco, TX

@idablu - "Pretty guard-heavy roster."

What? Are you kidding me?

Front Court - Davies 6-9, Austin 6-11, Ambrosino 6-8, Harward 6-11, Sharp 6-7
Wing - Haws 6-6, Zylstra 6-6

Idaho Falls, ID

@Coug FaninTx

Yeah. The only ones who can truly play the 4 or 5 spot are Davies, Austin, and Harward. And of those guys you list on the front court, who will start? Maybe only Davies. I don't know much about Ambrosino and am unimpressed with Sharp to play anything. The rest, I really see as 1's and 2's, including Zylstra and Haws. I think Carlino has a ton of potential. I hope he has a breakout year with a year of experience under his belt.

My first love is football, but I am so disappointed in the team this year I am really looking forward to seeing how the B-Ball team fares. Excited about the game tonight!

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