23 interesting Latter-day Saints who have profiles on Mormon.org

Published: Wednesday, Oct. 31 2012 7:01 a.m. MDT


In recent years, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has kicked off and maintained its "I'm a Mormon" advertising and public relations campaign around the country. Launched in 2010, the vast campaign has been an effort to introduce Latter-day Saints to the world. While their backgrounds and experiences are diverse, the profile subjects share a deep commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are approximately 130,000 live profiles, according to LDS Church Public Affairs.

Any member of the church can to go to Mormon.org to create a profile and share their feelings and faith. This is a list of prominent Latter-day Saints with profiles on Mormon.org.

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Red Corvette

Prominent? Really?


Hmm, can we see a survey on the 23 most normal mormons? This mormon celeb thing is outta control.

Sandy, UT

It is a bit of a stretch to call most of these prominent.


LOL...when they say 'prominent' they are talking about people who have successful careers in their chosen field. They are recognized in their field. Too many people today think Mormons wear big black hats and beards. I was asked recently if the Mormon church was similar to the Amish. Someone else thought Mormons rode west in covered wagons in the 1800's and faded away into history. Mightymite, I guess I am one of those 'normal Mormons' you mentioned. I am a retired teacher, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother....and yes, I am a Mormon.

O-town, UT


Amen buddy! When did the LDS church try to become Access Hollywood? I guess I will be seeing a program called Access Zion on BYUtv soon.

I would rather read a story about everyday Mormons like you then celebrity Mormons. I think the publicity push was to combat false images the national/world public has of the LDS Faith, but it's starting to get a little strange and away from the original purpose. Have a nice day.

West Jordan, UT

Gary Toyn must be a *lot* older than he looks, or that is a mighty old picture. He mowed the lawn for David O. McKay? McKay died 42 years ago...and was not living in his Huntsville home for several years before that.

Provo, UT

I have noticed a trend in the church to focus their PR on celebrities. I guess if you're trying to attract people to the church who are of the celebrity mindset, this will work. Historically, Jesus Christ himself sought out the humble, poor and truth-seeking class of people of the world. Subscribing to the notion that celebrities will attract the kinds of members whose faith will be rooted firmly in the gospel is misguided, to say the least.

Draper, UT

Have to say that I really dislike this kind of self-promotion, especially when you have to stretch to find it. IMHO it isn't Christlike...and it isn't necessary. Mightymite has it right: Tell the stories of normal, hardworking folks who make a difference in this world.


I do agree with the above comments but let me share with you a possible mindset that leads to this promotion. For example, I heard one of the major news people state that Mormons only get their members from the uneducated and unsuccessful people. I sat in church and looked around my small town congregation looking for those the man was talking about. I saw a retired doctor, RNs, teachers, business owners, other medical personnel, a visiting lawyer from a neighboring congregation, military, college students, computer programmer, retired therapist, etc. I could not find the uneducated, unsuccessful people he was talking about. Those with less education than others have used the encouragement and help of the church to better themselves with additional education and church employment services. I am not personally interested in "prominent" people but I do want others to get rid of the MYTHS about the LDS people. If it takes this promotion to help do that, then it is ok with me.

Sandee Spencer
Longwood, FL

I totally agree with BellsandBells that we want to show the world there are people in the LDS faith from all walks of life. A few minutes exploring Mormon.org will show they have also profiled "regular" people... skateboarders, artists, motorcycle repairmen etc. etc. Yes there are many that excel in their chosen field and there are also many that are just regular good citizens and kind people. Take some time to check it out.

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