Surviving Valentine's: 10 movies to keep the romance alive (and awake)

Published: Thursday, Feb. 10 2011 9:50 a.m. MST

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Valentine’s Day is near, and romance is in the air. At least it better be, or men across the country will be fighting Fido for space in the doghouse next week. Valentine’s Day may spin itself as a holiday for couples, but men are often on the hot seat to get the right gift or plan the perfect evening. And if a movie becomes part of the itinerary, you’ve got a better chance of getting hit by lightning than curling up with “The Dirty Dozen.” But spending an evening in the Romantic Comedy Zone doesn’t have to be an emasculating experience, or even a sacrifice for the good of the relationship. If you pick the right flick, you can both enjoy the evening without being subjected to two hours of Team Edward or six hours of Jane Austen. The last 30 years have produced a wealth of films that can satisfy the romance requirement and keep the man of the house awake. Here is one man’s attempt to make a list of movies both genders can enjoy.
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Littleton, CO

Wow - Rocky III as a romance movie? Grumpy Old Men? Mr. Mom? I hope that this is intended as a joke. If this is not a joke, I feel sorry for the author's wife.

Farmington, UT

Rocky III is very Bro-mantic. It does have that extra sensitive scene with Appolo Creed and Rocky embracing on the beach in LA after a wind sprint. Great Suggestions, but I too pitty the author's wife. Keep bringin' the good stuff Mr. Terry.

Herriman, UT

I think I have only seen 1/2 of these films. I have heard nothing but bad about Joe vrs the Volcano. Moonstruck was an incredible comedy and if anyone wonders why Cher is an Oscar winner, they should see this movie. Rocky III, please. Grumpy Old Men, please.

The real bright spot of this list was Groundhog Day. Certainly one of Bill Murray's best films and to think that Harold Ramis wrote this film is amazing. That's the same guy who wrote Animal House.

This was fun to look at, but I hope no one takes the list seriously.

Holladay, UT

I too died at some suggestions, but also at placements; even if you went with this list to put them in that order? Princess Bride at the bottom? come on! It is a movie that both men and women can enjoy together (but below Rocky?!)
Ok, Here are a few but not a definitive list, I did not rank (by the way I was born on Valentines... therefore a natural romantic :) ( I like chick flicks sorry, some the guys will like:)
1)The Bishops Wife
2)Random Harvest
3)Princess Bride
6)Pride and Prejudice (yes I am a Jane Austin guy)
7)Forest Gump
8)Youve got mail( or "The Shop Around the Corner")
9)Ground Hog Day
10)Sleepless in Seattle
11)Nicolas Nicolby
12)Star Dust
14)Last Chance Harvey
15)Disney Cartoons
16)Lady and the Tramp
18)When Harry Meet Sally
19)Roman Holiday
20)An Affair To Remember
21)My Fair Lady
22)It Happened One Night
23)The Philadelphia Story 1940
24)To Catch a Thief
25)"Shakespeare in Love"
27)"The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"
28)"The Quiet Man"

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