President Thomas S. Monson: 53 quotes from 53 years of service

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"There are men and women everywhere who would be made better by our helping hand. They may be our neighbors, our friends, our business associates. All are our brothers and sisters."

- "The Precious Gift of Sight," Conference Report, April 1965
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Montesano, WA

the best thing I have read in any news paper all day!

Kaysville, UT

I agree! Fantastic list. Great quotes. Great pictures. Thank you, DesNews!

Grandpa Mike

Very enjoyable to read this morning.

Pachuca, Hidalgo, MÉxico

Tanks alot for this memorable words of a prophet, are a refreshing balsam in this desert but hopeles times

Ivins, UT

The pictures are almost as special as the quotes. Certainly inspiring for these times.

Brother Dave
Livermore, CA

President Thomas S. Monson has been a Great Inspiration and Example to us All
for Many Years!!

Thank You President Monson!!

Lord Bless President Thomas S. Monson!!!

Grandpa who loves God and you
North Salt Lake, UT

What a wonderful compilation of President Monson's choice thoughts and pictures. What a great example President Monson has been throughout his entire life. Knowing how he must miss his dear wife who has passed on brings tears to my eyes -- and as I grow older it makes me feel a little panicky knowing that someday the same will happen to me and my wonderful wife. It is hard to imagine the pain that truly loving couples must endure as they become separated at death. The pictures also show many general authorities who have long since passed on. Oh how I love them and miss them. I'm so grateful for the gospel knowing that death is not the end of such choice relationships. I hope that I prove worthy to meet them all someday and tell them how much their service has meant to me. I also think about how wonderful it will be someday to have the veil of forgetfulness removed as we are reunited with our heavenly parents and be able to feel their love face to face and experience the incomprehensible joy of that reunion.

Kingston, GA

Thank you President Monson for your example yo all of us who of members of The Crurchof Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!! May Heavenly Father bless you with all the strength and compassion to preside over His Chursh. We love you !!

Mount Pleasant, UT

President Monson is and has been a strength to millions of people, members or not. How blessed we are as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to know his counsel is sound and comes from God.

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