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Saturday, Feb. 27, 2010 | 5A championship | Played at SLCC
Pleasant Grove
  1 2 3 4 Total
Syracuse 18 17 11 16 62
Pleasant Grove 11 15 10 13 49

Syracuse totals
Field goals: 21 -46 (45.7%)   Free-throws: 18 -27 (66.7%)

Pleasant Grove totals
Field goals: 20 -46 (43.5%)   Free-throws: 7 -14 (50.0%)

Jennifer Hazlett led the Titans with 27 points, 7 rebounds, five assists and five steals while Brittney Martin added 15 points three rebounds, three assists, and eight steals to earn the 5A state title and cap off an undefeated season. Jennifer Hamson led all scorers with 32 points and 14 rebounds for the Vikings.

1st Quarter

Hamson scores layup.Lavatai gets right back for Syracuse.Clement gets rebound putback for PG.Martin scores two quick layups for Syracuse giving them a 6-4 lead.Fonua misses a pair of free throws.Williams adds a layup giving Titans a 8-4 lead.

3 for Kourtney Dinehart tightening score to 8-7.

3:38 remaining in first.

Up and down twice with no score.

Hamson fouled by Williams--second foul with 2:27 left.

Hamson hits first free throw. And second for 9-8 PG lead.

Hamson picking up boards right and left.Hoffman scores on a fast break lay up. 11-8 PG with 1:50 left in first.

Early jitters seem to be easing a bit on both sides.

Hazlett picks up a lay up, foul on PG, Hazlett to the line for one.She hits to tie it at 11 with 1:28 left.

Syracuse steal. Hazlett scores on the break and gets another free throw. Syracuse up 13-11 Hazlett hits free throw to make it 14-11.

Steal Syracuse. Block Hamson. Ball back to Titans. 1:01 remaining.

Fonua hits a jumper to give Titans 16-11 lead. :45 left.

Steal Sracuse. Martin scores on the break.18-11 Syracuse :15 left.

PG miss at the buzzer. Syracuse ends quarter up 18-11.

The Vikings had some game control early on and through about the first six minutes, playing their half court game, but then the Titans were able to used their strong defensive presence to pick it up and start the run and gun, much more to their liking. The change of style helped them gain the seven point lead at the end of one.

Titans scored 8 points from the break.

2nd Quarter

6:17--Martin goes to the line, fouled by Hamson. She hits the first. And the second. Syracuse 20-11.

5:28 fast break PG....Hamson finishes with a layup and is fouled. She misses. 20-13 Titans.

Hamson gets another layup from the block.

Hazlett drains the trey. Syracuse 23-15. Clement scores the lay up. Syracuse 23-17. Time out Syracuse with 4:05 left in the second.

Steal Martin. Butler fouled on the break by Hoffman.

She hits the first. And the second. Syracuse up 25-17. Martin steal and quick score. And she's fouled with 3:43 left. Martin hits the extra. Syracuse up 28-17.

Rebound putback by Hamson. Syracse up 28-19. 3:17 to go.

Butler fouled on the break by Clement....her second.Butler misses the first free throw. And the second. Syracuse still up 28-19 with 2:50 left.

Hamson layup.Hazlett returns with a quick layup.2:11 left....score Syracuse 30-21.

Butler called for second foul. 1:57 left.

Steal by Syracuse. Hoffman fouls trying to get it back.Martin to the line. Misses the front end of a 1 and 1.

Martin picks up second foul.Mac Larson misses on the front end of a one and one.1:23.

Hamson gets the layup after a Pleasant Grove rebound. :59.

Hamson picks up second foul. :59...Hazlett hits a pair from the line. Syracuse 32-23.

Hamson misses first of two free throws.Hits the second.

Hazlett picks up first foul after a mad scramble for the ball. :21 seconds left.

Hamson at the line for 1 and 1. Hits the first. And the second. Syracuse up 32-26. :21 left.

Martin misses. Hazlett scores on the putback and is fouled. Hazlett hits the free throw. Syr 35-26--:12 left.

Pleasant Grove misses a desperation long three pointer at the buzzer. The score at halftime is 35-26 Syracuse. Again, through most of the second, the Titans managed to play their fast-paced style with a load of great stifling defense...getting their hands on a lot of passes and converting the steals into points.

3rd Quarter

Hamson and Hazlett trade buckets to start the third. Syracuse 37-28 with 6:57 left.

Hazlett picks up second foul. 5:55

Hazlett scores on the break. Syracuse 39-28. 5:20

Butler picks up 3rd foul 4:56

Hamson scores on yet another lay up. 39-30 4:15

Martin picks up a layup. 4:11. Score 41-30

Hamson scores another from close. Great pass from Hoffman. Score 41-32. 3:18 left.Time out Pleasant Grove.

Hazlett drains the trey from the corner. Syracuse 44-32. 3:00

Clement picks up third foul.

Hoffman fouled on the break. Fonua picks up second foul. Hoffman for two from the stripe. She misses the first. And the second.

Hamson gets yet another score from in close. 44-34 1:15 left.

Hamson continues to clean up the boards.

Fonua picks one up on a fast break. 46-34 Syracuse. :30

Hamson scores on the putback with :3 left in the quarter. Score 46-36 at the end of the third. Still playing at the Titan's pace, but Hamson's inside game is keeping the Vikings within striking distance.

4th Quarter

Hoffman to Hamson yet again on a secondary break. 46-38 Syr. 7:20

Fonua and Britney Johnson trade buckets. 48-40 6:10 left.

Inside to Hamson yet again on the break. 48-42 Syr 5:45 left. Getting tighter.

Makenlee Williams hits the jumper. PG turns it over yet again.

Score 50-42. Time out Syracuse. 4:50 left in the game.

Hamson picks up third foul.


Hazlett goes to the line after PG foul. She ihts the first. And the second. 52-42.

Steal Syracuse.3:48

Martin hits another lay up. 3:21 left. 54-42.

Timeout Vikings.

Hoffman foul 3:10 her fourth!!!

Hazlett scores ....56-42

Larson gets it back for PG 2:19....56-44

1:50 Foul PG....Hazlett to the line. Hits the first. Misses the second.

Hamson to the line to shoot a pair. She misses the first and hits the second.Pleasant Grove intentionally starting to foul.

Fonua hits one of two.

Fonua back to the line. 1:12 left. Hits the front end. Hits the second. 60-45

Larson shoots a pair for the Vikings Hits the first. Misses the second. 60-46

Vikings foul Fonua. Call time out. :47 left.60-46 Syracuse.

Fonua at the line. Misses the first. And the second. Hoffman hits the trey. :30 60-49

Hazlett to the line. Hits the first. And the second.


Syracuse wins 62-49 by playing the same type of basketball they have all season. they pile on the court after the game..........Only third season in existence, and the Titans won the title. Fast pace, fast hands, fast feet and great defense led to the championship.

Individual stats
Syracuse Points 3pt Rebounds Assists Steals
LAVATAI, Alea 2 2 0 1
MARTIN, Brittney 15 3 3 8
HAZLETT, Jennifer 27 1 7 5 5
FONUA, Kiana 9 3 2 3
WILLIAMS, Makenlee 4 2 0 1
BUTLER, Megan 5 1 1 3 3
Pleasant Grove Points 3pt Rebounds Assists Steals
JOHNSON, Britney 2 3
HOFFMAN, Danyele 5 1 3 7 2
HAMSON, Jennifer 32 14 1
DINEHART, Kourtney 3 1 4 3 2
LARSON, MacKenzie 3 6 3 1
CLEMENT, Rebecca 4 5 1