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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are DeseretNews.com comments moderated?
A. Yes, all comments we receive are viewed by moderators overseen by the editorial staff of the Deseret News. Comments will not be posted until they have been reviewed and approved, so they may not appear online right away. We appreciate your patience.

Q. Why do you moderate comments?
A. DeseretNews.com encourages civility among its readers, and has found it impossible to maintain a civil atmosphere without moderation. By screening comments, we seek to create a public forum where readers can exchange ideas, opinions, and commentary that enhances the quality of the discussion.

Q. What kind of comments are rejected?
A. Most comments that are on-topic and not abusive will be posted. We hold those who submit comments to the similar standards you've come to expect from a news organization - where we accept a wide variety of points of view that add value to a reader's experience. Comments allowed in mature, civil discussion may not include personal attacks, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity (including symbol-replaced words), commercial promotion, incoherence, name-calling, epithets or racial slurs, ALL CAPS SHOUTING, over-use of punctuation (!!!, ???), comments meant solely to provoke, or comments that address other readers by name. Remember that these comment boards are offered as a public forum for a wide audience and should not be confused with a "message board" or "instant messenger" service.

Q. I've had a comment rejected incorrectly. Will you restore it?
A. Our moderators work hard to ensure a civil atmosphere and increase the quality of dialogue. However, moderating decisions are subjective and occasionally we reject or accept comments incorrectly. Because of the volume of comments we receive, we will not be able to restore rejected comments.

Q. What kind of comments are helpful to the discussion?
A. Our readers value thoughtful comments expressing a point of view politely and concisely. In order to promote discussion among readers, we limit the number of comments any one commenter may make on a single story to four comments, with the exception of Sports stories where unlimited comments are allowed. Deseret News' comment service is not a blog, and it's not a conversation for a single individual to dominate. It is a forum for thoughtful commentary intended to enlighten your fellow readers with additional insight or counterpoints. You should treat other readers as you would if you were speaking to them from a microphone, looking them in the eyes, then passing the microphone cordially to the next contributor.

Q. What's a "Display Name?"
A. Your Display Name is the name displayed with any comments you submit at DeseretNews.com. It may be a shortened or altered version of your submitted real name, or a pseudonym. We encourage you to use a form of your real name, indicating you are willing to stand by your comments with your real identity. The Display Name will be moderated to avoid names that are vulgar or provocative.

Q. Why do you require a Location?
A. DeseretNews.com has visitors from throughout the state of Utah and from around the world. Comment readers have interest in knowing the location where a commenter lives because location often adds context to the comment. You are free to be as specific as a particular city, or as general as a state or country outside the United States. Yes, locations, too, are moderated. If you claim to be from "Timbuktu" or "Pandora" your comment will probably be rejected.

If you have a question or comment about this policy, please email us at comments@desnews.com and we will do our best to respond promptly.