Should Utah raise its gas tax? No, look for alternatives

Raising taxes, especially one that doesn’t work, would be nutty in a year of surpluses.

My view: Chaffetz named ‘politician of year’

The Hinckley Institute’s 2014 Politician of the Year goes to U.S. Congressman Jason Chaffetz for his remarkable ascension to chairman of the United States House of Representatives Oversight... Read more »

1 hour ago


Richard Davis: 2014's 'most important' could be personal benefits in employment, health care and education

If you're looking at the "top stories" of 2014, you might consider the ones that really had an impact in individual and family lives — in the areas of employment, health care and education.... Read more »

2 hours ago


Susan Roylance: Definition of the family put on hold at United Nations

“Our action or inaction on the family in the United Nations will be one of the rare occasions when the world will be really watching,” stated Ambassador Dapkiunas of Belarus. So why... Read more »

13 hours ago


Lois M. Collins: Sometimes, only the police can make things right

National Edition

It's easy to get carried away when law enforcement interactions go wrong. But that's not what usually happens, and it's a mistake to engage in an us-or-them war. We need them and usually owe them... Read more »

21 hours ago


Mike Lee: Change is coming to Washington

It’s true that the last few weeks of Congress have perfectly represented everything that is wrong with Washington. But change is coming. Read more »

21 hours ago


Michael Gerson: We're in need of a politics of repair

America is in desperate need of a politics of repair, not a politics of demolition and rebuilding. We need leaders who take populist discontent seriously, but direct it toward projects of practical... Read more »



Time to reset U.S. policy on international religious freedom

National Edition

By resetting our own resolve to positively encourage countries to protect international religious freedom ideals, a more nuanced national and foreign policy could advance our economies. Read more »

Dec. 15, 2014


Drew Clark: There's no need to lament entrepreneurship in media organizations

We've seen the tiring clash between so-called traditional journalism and Silicon Valley click-bait. It presumes that the owner of a media company owes the writers and employees of the company the... Read more »

Dec. 15, 2014


Robert Bennett: More political participation needed

I supported “Count My Vote” because I favor more political participation, not less. I hope the court lets us see how it works before we consider abandoning it. Read more »

Dec. 15, 2014


Charles Krauthammer: Democrats use torture report to demonize Bush administration

The report by Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding CIA interrogation essentially accuses the agency under George W. Bush of war criminality. Read more »

Dec. 14, 2014


Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Congressional lobby developments intrigue politicos

Until now, the parties could blame each other. But in January, Republicans will fully control Congress and will be responsible for real progress on the deficit ... passing pro-growth tax reform,... Read more »

Dec. 14, 2014


Paul Mero: Reasonable solution to Obamacare

Every sound policy has parameters, or boundaries, that define its scope. How Utah responds to Obamacare is no exception, and conservatives must face some realities. Read more »

Dec. 14, 2014


John Florez: Public education needs transformation

If we don’t know what kind of work our student children will be doing in the future, why do business folks and politicians keep making incremental changes to education when the world is... Read more »

Dec. 13, 2014


Michael Gerson: The arrogance of liberal elites

Politics, in this view, is the grubby business of winning in order to put the proper technocrats in charge of large, complex systems. This assumes that academic and bureaucratic elites know how to... Read more »

Dec. 12, 2014


A. Scott Anderson: Time for tax increase for education

Utah leads the nation in a number of economic measures and quality of life. But the one area where we don’t excel, where we struggle, is the one that matters the most — the education of... Read more »

Dec. 12, 2014


My view: Sen. Hatch holds the key to tax reform

As the incoming chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Orrin Hatch is in a position to do what has evaded Congress for nearly 30 years: finally reforming the U.S. tax code. Read more »

Dec. 12, 2014


Robert J. Samuelson: Statistical Abstract is costly, but provides wealth of helpful stats

As regular readers of this column know, I've been a fanatical booster of the Statistical Abstract of the United States, which has collected the most complete and compact set of statistics about... Read more »

Dec. 11, 2014


Jay Evensen: Value of Utah prison can't be compared to value of the land

A lot of people view prisons like sewage plants, necessary for handling an unpleasant task but best kept out of sight. And yet they are among the most important facilities a government can build... Read more »

Dec. 11, 2014


My view: Sen. Hatch’s role in Medicare and small pharmacies

The Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit is truly a revolutionary government program. Read more »

Dec. 11, 2014


My view: Poor logic for increasing speed limit

UDOT spokesman John Gleason said, "the speed limit is based on national standards that say it should be reflective of what 85 percent of the motorists are already driving." Read more »

Dec. 11, 2014


George F. Will: Overcriminalization — National plague that characterizes America

The scandal of mass incarceration is partly produced by the frivolity of the political class, which uses the multiplication of criminal offenses as a form of moral exhibitionism. Read more »

Dec. 11, 2014


Dan Liljenquist: Sony hack reminds us to prepare for cyber warfare

Sony Pictures Entertainment was crippled by a sophisticated cyber attack, with most evidence pointing to North Korea and its notorious Unit 121 cyber-weapons division as the culprit. We must... Read more »

Dec. 11, 2014


My view: Human rights declarations by Cyrus

While much of the world remains darkened by tyranny, Cyrus’ vision lives on through Human Rights Day, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the hopes and aspirations of billions. Read more »

Dec. 10, 2014

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Jay Evensen: 70 mph on the freeway will change absolutely nothing

Don't believe the doomsayers. A higher speed limit on I-15 will not result in a bloodbath. Read more »

Dec. 10, 2014


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