Letter: Court leniency

We must let our judges and elected officials know that we will not tolerate leniency for sex offenders, even when the abuser is a family member. Utah’s children must know they are safe in the... Read more »

Aug. 10, 2014


Letter: Protect police

Our nation’s police force has a history of over 350 years. Since then, they have sworn to put their life on the line for the safety of Americans. They have made a choice to come face to face... Read more »

Aug. 10, 2014


Letter: Mental treatments

Imagine that you have been diagnosed with a serious illness. You discover that there is no cure for this condition but there are some treatments available. Now imagine you have to choose between... Read more »

Aug. 10, 2014


Letter: RMP should be thankful

RMP could and should be a much more responsible corporate citizen. In fact, they should set a good example themselves by phasing out coal and replacing it with clean, safe, renewable power like... Read more »

Aug. 10, 2014


Letter: Public versus private

The better foundation for the proper delineation of competing interests is the idea that people are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable natural rights that need to be protected. Read more »

Aug. 9, 2014


Letter: Everyone is forgetful

More than once, I have been busy doing a task around the yard or house to suddenly remember I was supposed to pick a member of the family up from school, church or town half an hour ago. Read more »

Aug. 9, 2014


Letter: Congress priorities

Congressional priorities have taken a back seat to their five-week vacation. Read more »

Aug. 9, 2014


Letter: What is fair?

Solar power users also sell power. Their system is a part of the infra-structure that Rocky Mountain Power is using, but not paying extra for. Who should pay whom and how much is fair? Read more »

Aug. 8, 2014


Letter: Fences and new homes

With a fence, you are more protected, you have more privacy and your kids and animals will be able to run around the backyard without you worrying. I think that Utah municipalities should require fences to be built for all new homes. Read more »

Aug. 8, 2014


Letter: Irresponsible caregivers

The number of babies and children being left in hot cars increasingly disturbs me. Whether by accident or not, the caregiver in charge of these precious lives should be held accountable. Read more »

Aug. 7, 2014


Letter: Living with debt

If I were debt free not only could I reduce stress on my family, I can help others achieve their goals and support charities in our communities. Read more »

Aug. 7, 2014


Letter: Fair solar tax?

As a solar panel owner, I struggle mightily with the proposed solar rooftop tax and the idea that somehow I am not paying my fair share to be connected to the grid. Read more »

Aug. 6, 2014


Letter: Dentist visits

A local TV news show reported that 4 of 5 Utahns had not visited a dentist in the past year and attributed the fact to people remembering painful experiences of childhood. Read more »

Aug. 6, 2014


Letter: Rethink the unthinkable?

Watching events unfold in Ukraine, one has to ask what will work. Vladimir Putin has proven to be a bully with a vision to revive the USSR. Read more »

Aug. 6, 2014


Letter: Fair trials

As I have been following the legal issues facing Utah’s former Attorney’s General Shurtleff and Swallow, I have become increasingly concerned at the tone of the sentiment against these men in the media, finding it... Read more »

Aug. 5, 2014


Letter: Home health care

I commend the lawmakers in Washington for protecting home health for our nation's most vulnerable seniors and strongly urge our state's lawmakers to co-sponsor this valuable piece of legislation. Read more »

Aug. 5, 2014


Letter: Hollywood stereotype

After watching the movie "Noah" the other day, I couldn't help but notice that the writers succumbed to the common Hollywood stereotypical depiction of a prophet of God. I kept waiting to see the depiction of such a... Read more »

Aug. 4, 2014


Letter: Solar customers should pay

I don't care how righteous solar power advocates think they are. If they think they can function independent of their standard utility connection, let them. But if by reducing the amount of power they are taking from the public... Read more »

Aug. 4, 2014


Letter: National monument preservation

Orrin Hatch said of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, "Like the attack on Pearl Harbor, this massive proclamation came completely without notice to the public. The biggest presidential land set-aside in almost 20... Read more »

Aug. 4, 2014


Letter: Neighborly decisions

Americans are a compassionate people who also believe in law and order. We allow significant immigration and welcome those who come here legally. Read more »

Aug. 3, 2014


Letter: Dangerous situations

Our situation is dangerous. America needs to get on its knees, and ask for aid. Then we need to get the incapable leaders out of office, and bring America back to its strength morally, spiritually and militarily. Read more »

Aug. 3, 2014


Letter: Fair fees

I have solar panels on my roof and for April, May and June this year I have supplied my excess of electricity to Rocky Mountain Power for them to sell to other customers. Read more »

Aug. 3, 2014


Letter: Education decisions

Right now, our State Board of Education must decide whether to go back to the No Child Left Behind program, or to request an extension of the NLCB waiver. Read more »

Aug. 2, 2014


Letter: Common Core questions

There’s plenty of controversy floating around the state regarding education and Common Core. People of good will and good conscience can and will disagree about important matters, but before people make their criticisms, I hope... Read more »

Aug. 2, 2014


Letter: Welfare reform

I know someone who has been on welfare for a few years. Every time she begins to do better, she loses her food stamps and her child gets kicked off Medicaid. Then, she can no longer pay her rent, feed her family or take her child to... Read more »

Aug. 1, 2014


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