In our opinion: Immigration and compromise opportunity lost

It is now less likely that Congress and the president will be able to fashion a workable compromise.

In our opinion: Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy remained true to his values

National Edition

The death of Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy reminds us not only of his corporate successes but his consistency in remaining true to his Christian values. Read more »

Sept. 12, 2014


In our opinion: Utah should change law allowing guns at school

Thursday's accidental discharge of a gun in an elementary school's faculty restroom underscores the need to change Utah's law allowing anyone with a concealed-weapons permit to take a gun into... Read more »

Sept. 12, 2014


In our opinion: Park City bond

Park City Mountain Resort's posting a $17 million bond tempers for now the long, bitter dispute over control of critical Park City ski acreage. A permanent resolution is still needed — as... Read more »

Sept. 11, 2014


In our opinion: We need unity to fight the Islamic State militants

In his speech Wednesday night, President Obama is expected to outline a strategy for combatting the Islamic States militants. He needs to move forward — unlike recent comments and earlier... Read more »

Sept. 10, 2014


In our opinion: A cause for concern if civil forfeiture goes unchecked

Do you know what civil forfeiture is? People need to be aware their fellow citizens are having their property taken from them without any remuneration and without being convicted of criminal activity. Read more »

Sept. 9, 2014


In our opinion: No more 'swatting'

"Swatting" — where law enforcement agencies are dispatched to faux emergency calls — wastes resources and places many in potentially dangerous situations. Read more »

Sept. 8, 2014


In our opinion: Utah Public Lands Initiative a long shot worth pursuing — still

The Utah Public Lands Initiative is still considered a long shot — but the locally driven cooperative to mesh conservation and development still is a long shot worth taking. Read more »

Sept. 7, 2014


In our opinion: Proposed Scottish independence doesn't come without concerns, disruptions

The push for Scottish independence spawns issues of uncertainty, and resolving them will result in disruption and economic pain. The idea that a 300-year-old union can be dissolved without... Read more »

Sept. 6, 2014


In our opinion: Go slow on Sugar House S line developments

Salt Lake City should take a slower approach on future development of — and dollar investments into — the Sugar House streetcar line. Read more »

Sept. 5, 2014


In our opinion: It's time to learn from the dangerously quick judgments of the past

The Ferguson story lines remind us that we're still slow to learn that being quick to judgment results in errors and complications. Read more »

Sept. 4, 2014


In our opinion: A rare reaction of grace

Jim Harding —whose wife, Jan, unknowingly drank a beverage contaminated with cleaning solution — and his family and friends have been models of grace, patience and compassion in dealing... Read more »

Sept. 3, 2014


In our opinion: UTA accountability

Gov. Gary Herbert wants more elected officials on the Utah Transit Authority board. That's a good first step, but increased accountability from UTA is needed, as evidenced by findings from recent... Read more »

Sept. 2, 2014


In our opinion: Labor Day revisited

Labor Day celebrates the successes of past waves of workers, many of whom were first-generation Americans coming to contribute and to make a better life. How does this translate to the current crop... Read more »

Sept. 1, 2014


In our opinion: Par for the president

Do they or don't they golf in office? Recent presidents have been criticized either way — but President Obama needs to be mindful of timing and perception. Read more »

Aug. 30, 2014


In our opinion: A slippery 'immoral' Tweet

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins tweets that a woman pregnant with a Down syndrome fetus should "abort it and try again," adding it would be "immoral to bring it into the world given a... Read more »

Aug. 29, 2014


In our opinion: Park City's slippery slopes

The way the embattled negotiations between Talisker Holdings and Park City Mountain Resort have stalled begs the question: Where on the list of corporate values do the two companies place service... Read more »

Aug. 28, 2014


In our opinion: Recent Napa Valley earthquake reminds Utahns to be prepared

Are those who live in northern Utah's earthquake zone prepared to face a quake similar to the recent one in Napa Valley? Read more »

Aug. 27, 2014


In our opinion: UTA to reconnect?

UTA promotes Wi-Fi service on its FrontRunner trains as a benefit to increase commuter productivity and provide an enjoyable riding experience. But Wi-Fi woes make it anything but productive and... Read more »

Aug. 26, 2014


In our opinion: Mixed-bag school start

The new school year starts with a mixed bag of optimism and concern — the latter dealing with state school board issues. Read more »

Aug. 25, 2014


In our opinion: Teens think porn is damaging — and they want help

A recent British survey shows online pornography is too accessible and distorting for teenagers, leading to damaging and unrealistic attitudes toward sex and relationships. Read more »

Aug. 24, 2014


In our opinion: To be vigilant, relentless?

President Obama needs to make good on his promise to be "vigilant … and relentless" in battling ISIL in Iraq. Read more »

Aug. 23, 2014


In our opinion: Perry indictment a concern

The recent felony indictments of Texas Gov. Rick Perry following his use of constitutional veto power is seen by many as what could become a dangerous trend. Read more »

Aug. 22, 2014


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