In our opinion: Confronted by power, Christ instead chose the truth

The Roman governor Pilate, confronting Jesus Christ, asked if he was a king.

In our opinion: True to the law

On Monday, the Obama administration announced — again — that it was delaying some provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The problem here is that the administration cannot do this... Read more »

Feb. 12, 2014


In our opinion: Yes, content of movies affects the culture

Harvey Weinstein conceded that criticism of Hollywood violence are not without merit. Content does affect the culture. Well of course it does. Read more »

Feb. 11, 2014


In our opinion: Enhancing academic performance is about more than just money

The U.S. spends more money on education than any other country in the world, yet we lag behind on many international education standards. More money doesn’t seem to correlate with better... Read more »

Feb. 10, 2014


In our opinion: Immigration reform is needed now, not next election cycle

It is natural that good people, seeking better opportunities for themselves and their families — and committing malice toward none — would immigrate to a land of opportunity. We should... Read more »

Feb. 9, 2014


In our opinion: Obama should appoint ambassador for international religious freedom

President Obama said that worshippers are under attack worldwide. It is time for the president to follow those words by appointing a strong new ambassador at-large for international religious... Read more »

Feb. 8, 2014


In our opinion: Calling 911

A measure before the Utah Legislature for statewide consolidation of 911 emergency dispatch centers should not be viewed as an effort to trump the influence of local entities over local affairs. It... Read more »

Feb. 8, 2014


In our opinion: Voyage to Sochi

As the games begin in Sochi, we urge the spectators of the world to turn their attention not to the faults and frailties of an Olympic host, but to the promise and victories of the athletes... Read more »

Feb. 7, 2014


In our opinion: Cockfighting should be a felony in Utah

Utahns typically don’t stand for sports in which living things fight to the death, and they certainly don’t support gambling, illegal narcotics or violence. There are no excuses not to... Read more »

Feb. 6, 2014


In our opinion: Child-centric marriage

In the national debate about the purpose and meaning of marriage, a clear conflict of visions is emerging between those who see marriage as a child-centric institution and others who view marriage... Read more »

Feb. 5, 2014


In our opinion: Jerry Sloan's well-deserved honor

He showed us all how hard work and a principled approach to life can pay off – at least 1,223 times. Read more »

Feb. 4, 2014


In our opinion: Farm bill may signal new mood of compromise in Congress

The passage of a farm subsidy and nutrition assistance bill that has been stalled in Congress for nearly two years might be another sign that partisan gridlock in Washington is thawing, if only a... Read more »

Feb. 3, 2014


In our opinion: Saving American men

A lost generation of American boys will ripple through society and many and varied ways, with devastating results. Read more »

Feb. 2, 2014


In our opinion: Bernanke's legacy will take time to become clear

We hope incoming Chairman Janet Yellen – who today begins her first term at the helm of the institution – will follow Bernanke’s example of consensus, transparency, and prudence. Read more »

Feb. 1, 2014


In our opinion: Why would government make Little Sisters of the Poor an enemy?

Government ought to do all it can to get out of the way of orders such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, who do so much to provide services that otherwise would burden taxpayers. Read more »

Jan. 31, 2014


In our opinion: Herbert's speech a good blueprint for Utah

Gov. Gary Herbert gives every indication he has a firm grasp on the problems facing the state of Utah. Read more »

Jan. 30, 2014


In our opinion: Obama does best when he rallies the nation to unify

Rather than trying to move unilaterally, the president would do best to rally the nation to pull together. Read more »

Jan. 28, 2014


In our opinion: A good Chicago gun ruling

Last year alone, 1,778 Chicagoans were wounded by gunfire, and 372 lost their lives at the end of a gun. And yet the city already has strict gun-control laws. Read more »

Jan. 28, 2014


In our opinion: Immigration scams — govenment is partly to blame

The immigration process is a morass of confusing and inconsistent rules and procedures that leave many who are caught in its labyrinth with no clear exit. This is fertile ground for fraud. Read more »

Jan. 27, 2014


In our opinion: Utah's 2014 legislative session

Many issues will vie for attention in the coming weeks. The Deseret News has chosen five we feel are of particular importance and concern. Read more »

Jan. 26, 2014


In our opinion: Child porn convicts should be made to pay dearly

There should be no dispute over the fact that punishment for such crimes should be as strict and meaningful as the law can possibly allow. Read more »

Jan. 25, 2014


In our opinion: Human Rights Campaign dead wrong in concerns about religion

Unfortunately, this isn't the first case in which HRC has attempted to impugn or intimidate people of faith, or attorneys representing clients who hold to a traditional view of marriage. Read more »

Jan. 24, 2014


In our opinion: Now, the U.S. is only 'mostly free'

While much of the world is experiencing a growth in economic freedom, in the United States it is declining due to a growing, onerous federal government. Read more »

Jan. 23, 2014


In our opinion: Salt Lake County mayor's annual report was a winner

Certainly it remains to be seen how effective Ben McAdams will be in implementing his agenda, but if the past is prelude, there is reason for optimism. Read more »

Jan. 22, 2014

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