In our opinion: Closing 'discipline gap' in our schools to keep kids in class

An new study shows the "discipline gap" in schools is narrowing in many states.

In our opinion: Utah sees improvement in graduation rates — and can still do better

Utah has seen high school graduation rates climb in recent years — among the general student population as well as with minority and low-income students. This is a welcome result — and... Read more »

Dec. 19, 2014


In our opinion: Water, a precious commodity

Recognized as the nation’s highest per-capita water users, Utahns must rethink and amend consumption and use practices. Read more »

Dec. 18, 2014


In our opinion: We must be vigilant and realistic about 'lone-wolf' attacks, but not paranoid

When ISIS militants urged supporters worldwide to launch attacks against the Western nations in which they reside, its footprint seemed to grow. Vigilance must be coupled with a realistic... Read more »

Dec. 17, 2014


In our opinion: Moving forward following congressional approval of $1.1 trillion spending bill

Last weekend's congressional approval of the $1.1 trillion spending bill shows that Congress can work in a sense of concession, conciliation and cooperation. Other bonuses: a funded government and... Read more »

Dec. 16, 2014


In our opinion: Police training should include de-escalation tactics

An element of police training regarding confrontation should be an increased focus on “de-escalation” tactics, including "slowing down the situation" and giving time for others —... Read more »

Dec. 15, 2014


In our opinion: Wood burning ban — it's right to fight air pollution, but is it enough?

A ban on burning wood during the inversion season is a necessary part of a larger campaign for cleaner air — one with immediate and noticeable benefits. But there are other initiatives that... Read more »

Dec. 14, 2014


In our opinion: Herbert's proposed budget is big on education — but with lots of issues still to discuss and tackle

Gov. Gary Herbert’s proposed 2015 budget — heavy on education funding — leaves plenty of room for innovation, accountability, transportation, fuel taxes and more. Difficult... Read more »

Dec. 13, 2014


In our opinion: Mining bans remind us that most land-use decisions ought to be congressional, not presidential

Mining groups are appealing a presidential executive order banning mining on more than a million acres of uranium-rich land near the Grand Canyon. Land use and designation should be a congressional... Read more »

Dec. 12, 2014


In our opinion: Is 'Exodus' more interested in turning a profit or depicting a prophet?

National Edition

In the new "Exodus" film, the lead actor calls his Moses character "schizophrenic," "barbaric" and a "tumultuous man who fought greatly against God, against his calling." Sounds like another... Read more »

Dec. 12, 2014


In our opinion: Using data to track, monitor and improve education in Utah

Utah has had successes in using educational data to track and monitor student achievement. Now, the state can focus on ways to keep the momentum going. Read more »

Dec. 11, 2014


In our opinion: As conflicts continue, Martin Luther King's ’64 Nobel Prize speech remains applicable today

Martin Luther King's 1964 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech remains applicable today. Included among the excerpts: "... the beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds... Read more »

Dec. 10, 2014


In our opinion: With oil prices dropping, Utah's taking control of federal lands isn't the best option available

With the prices of oil falling, the financial feasibility of Utah benefiting from taking control of federal lands is uncertain at best and potentially costly to taxpayers. There are other options... Read more »

Dec. 9, 2014


In our opinion: Legislature needs to address transportation needs now

The Utah Legislature should seize the opportunity to make at least some investment in transportation upgrades and expansion, even though it may require increases in taxing levels. A viable... Read more »

Dec. 8, 2014


In our opinion: Malala and family — how parents defied Pakistani culture to foster a Nobel Peace Prize-winning daughter

National Edition

At 17, Malala Yousafzai is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient. But her parents also deserve recognition in countering Pakistani culture to promote gender equality and education. Read more »

Dec. 7, 2014


In our opinion: Saving the sockeye salmon — a successful recovery of an endangered species

The recovery of the central Idaho sockeye salmon — on the list of endangered species — is a success story worth repeating to rescue other depleted populations. Here is how it was done. Read more »

Dec. 6, 2014


In our opinion: Support the Healthy Utah plan

Abandoning the poor and the needy, apart from being morally irresponsible, isn’t a wise use of taxpayer dollars. As Gov. Gary Herbert said in his press conference, “Turning a blind eye... Read more »

Dec. 6, 2014


In our opinion: U.S., Latin America benefit from Trans-Pacific Partnership trading

Both the U.S. and Latin America benefit greatly from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In order for TPP to continue to succeed, it needs advocacy about the plan’s geoeconomic benefits, more... Read more »

Dec. 5, 2014


In our opinion: Policy dilemna — how to handle prison issues with large number of sex offenders?

More people in Utah prisons are there for sexual assault offenses than any other category of crime. In hopes of reducing incarceration rates and prison populations, Utah may need to look to reform... Read more »

Dec. 4, 2014


In our opinion: First-year law made electoral process more inclusive — why threaten it already?

A first-year law that served as a compromise between Utah's caucus/convention system and the Count My Vote initiative — making the electoral process more inclusive — is under threat by... Read more »

Dec. 3, 2014


In our opinion: Energy drink warning

Parents generally know not to let their children drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Parents instinctively have kept children from drinking coffee. Now it’s time for that wisdom to be extended... Read more »

Dec. 2, 2014


In our opinion: Growth of charter schools is positive sign for education

Charter schools currently are experiencing a huge groundswell of support. Parents and students now recognize them as a viable alternative to traditional public schools, and that’s an... Read more »

Dec. 1, 2014


In our opinion: Thankfully speaking — reminders for us to feel, speak and act with thankfulness

It is good to have a grateful heart. It is better to express that gratitude to others. And it is best to underscore both with acts of gratitude and appreciation. Read more »

Nov. 23, 2014

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