In our opinion: NASA — innovative, inspirational, now partially privatized

NASA has taken a $7 billion leap and contracted with two companies to take over.

Utah joins states in a campaign to break the endless cycle of incarceration and recidivism

Prudent efforts grounded in solid data analysis can help ensure that large numbers of nonviolent offenders don’t enter an endless cycle of incarceration and recidivism. That cycle harms both... Read more »

Aug. 11, 2014


In our opinion: Catholic schools provide a unique option in Utah's vibrant educational landscape

Utah is bucking the national trend of decline in Catholic schools. Since 1999, five Catholic schools opened their doors, and none have closed despite competition from the surge in charter schools.... Read more »

Aug. 11, 2014


In our opinion: 40 years after the resignation of President Nixon, impeachment should not be a political ploy

To bandy about impeachment threats today as a political ploy is an insult to that history and a disservice to the electorate. Read more »

Aug. 9, 2014


In our opinion: Obama should ignore calls for new Utah monument

Such things may play well among some in Washington, but they have profoundly negative effects on the very meaning of representative government in this end of the country. Read more »

Aug. 8, 2014


In our opinion: The handshake — A symbol of good faith, good manners, good sportsmanship … and germs

Don’t forsake the handshake quite yet. There may be times, places and situations where a handshake still fits — and others where a bump, a nod or a smile works just fine. Let’s... Read more »

Aug. 7, 2014


In our opinion: Congressional 'exchange visits' can lift, enlighten

'Exchange visits' by Reps. Chaffetz and Cummings to the other's districts help increase understanding and sensitivity. It's something that shouldn't be a novel, one-time deal but duplicated by... Read more »

Aug. 6, 2014


In our opinion: An ability to conduct widespread surveillance doesn't mean permission to do so

A report by two organizations committed to the protection of civil liberties is raising new and valid concerns about how government surveillance programs have created an impediment to free speech... Read more »

Aug. 5, 2014


In our opinion: Utah is correct to both be at the front of online voting, and cautiously study security

Utah is correct to both be at the front of online voting as well as cautiously study security of such balloting. Read more »

Aug. 4, 2014


In our opinion: Best use, best care

Rep. Rob Bishop's Eastern Utah public lands initiative is accomplishing its purpose — redefining land use with a give-and-take collaborative effort from a myriad of diverse stakeholders in... Read more »

Aug. 3, 2014


In our opinion: 'War to end all wars,' 100 years ago this week, did no such thing

The Ukrainian crisis, conflicts in the Middle East, North Korean provocations and other trouble spots demonstrate that the “war to end all wars,” as the conflict that began a century... Read more »

Aug. 2, 2014


In our opinion: Paul Ryan's promising anti-poverty plan should be welcomed to world stage

Representative Paul Ryan’s new anti-poverty plan, “Expanding Opportunity in America" is being hailed as an innovative approach to solving intractable economic problems in a way that... Read more »

Aug. 1, 2014


In our opinion: Timing is right for the appointment of an ambassador for international religious freedom

National Edition

With religious persecution reaching alarming levels worldwide, the nomination of an ambassador for international religious freedom came as the State Department issued its annual report on the... Read more »

July 31, 2014


In our opinion: Federal contracting executive order needs provisions protecting religious freedom

With a recent executive order, President Obama prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation in federal contracting. Religious protections should be including in the Obama... Read more »

July 31, 2014


In our opinion: The Affordable Care Act needs a bipartisan overhaul

Lack of clarity in President Obama’s signature health care law has already brought the ACA before the Supreme Court twice. Now the law is facing another very significant legal challenge. Read more »

July 30, 2014


In our opinion: With Shurtleff and Swallow coming to court, the state must find solutions to restore public trust

The clearest place for reform is increasing transparency. In the age of the Internet, donors and the amounts they’ve given can be put online within 24 hours, and the public at large can... Read more »

July 29, 2014


In our opinion: The long-term outlook for Social Security isn't good, so begin solving problem now

Congress has some tough decisions ahead on Social Security: Cut additional spending, raise taxes more, limit the growth of the entitlement programs or do a combination of several. Continued... Read more »

July 28, 2014


Can Hollywood keep the faith in faith-based films?

National Edition

Given the recent increase in mainstream faith-based movies, Hollywood’s 2014 is being billed as “the year of the Bible” and “the year of faith films.” But two... Read more »

July 27, 2014


In our opinion: Use market forces and not social shaming to conserve on water usage

Southern Utah faces many of the same drought problems as Southern California. What the state can’t afford to do, however, is to follow California’s misguided solutions. Rather than... Read more »

July 26, 2014


In our opinion: Airport expansion reflects the growing vitality of Utah's national and global links

The forthcoming expansion of the Salt Lake International Airport, one of the largest public works projects in Utah history, will have a sizable impact on the efficiency of domestic and... Read more »

July 25, 2014


In our opinion: History will remember our response to the current Central American refugee crisis

Most Central American children streaming across the United States’ southwestern borders are teens, but many are under the age of 10. Collectively, they’re seen as poster children for... Read more »

July 24, 2014


In our opinion: Federal Reserve shouldn't be chained with a congressional formula for interest rates

Business leaders face considerable uncertainty in today’s world, much of it caused by the government. So it is understandable that some in Congress would want to impose a bit of certainty on... Read more »

July 23, 2014


In our opinion: U.S. Supreme Court delivers second message, for Utah, on same-sex marriage requirement

For the second time in seven months, the Supreme Court of the United States has been forced to weigh in, procedurally, on the legal contest surrounding the definition of marriage. In both cases,... Read more »

July 22, 2014


In our opinion: It's time to scrutinize Common Core standards through rigorous review process

Gov. Gary Herbert has requested a careful review process of the Common Core education standards. It's important that the process delve into specifics, not general feelings. This is so because this... Read more »

July 21, 2014


In our opinion: Religious freedom requires each of us to accord equal dignity for all

National Edition

Laws can be framed in such a way that they balance the free exercise of religion with respectful coexistence of those with differing values. We believe that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act,... Read more »

July 20, 2014


In our opinion: Trademarking the 'I believe …' cheer reveals the slippery slope of protecting words and phrases

A California university seeks to trademark "I believe that we will win," a much-used sports cheer associated of late with U.S. soccer. Utah State University holds the state trademark. Who wins... Read more »

July 19, 2014

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