In our opinion: Long-term outlook for Social Security isn't good; start fixing it

Continued procrastination on Social Security only means greater pain in the long term.

In our opinion: Weighing costs against benefits, in Utah and around the nation, necessary for sound energy development

Developers need to determine what is technologically and economically feasible. Policymakers in Utah and Washington should work collaboratively with them. The energy policy debate needs a sound... Read more »

June 5, 2014


In our opinion: In seeking carbon reductions, Obama administration barrels ahead without compromise

The sweeping new regulations take aim at energy produced from burning coal, which creates more carbon pollution than other sources such as natural gas. Different states were assigned different... Read more »

June 4, 2014


In our opinion: Vexing questions raised after Bergdahl prisoner exchange

Americans, while happy for the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, are wondering about the circumstances, the precedent it sets and the message it may transmit to the nation’s enemies. Read more »

June 3, 2014


In our opinion: Medicaid campaign supports gap coverage initiatives by bringing forward Utahn perspectives

Utahns’ justifiable skepticism over the Affordable Care Act shouldn’t keep policymakers from finding practical ways to help more than 50,000 of the state’s poorest adults. Read more »

June 3, 2014


In our opinion: Moving to a more secure, digital chip-based credit card could help alleviate fraud

Changing the predominant card system in the United States from one that relies on magnetic strips to ones protected by digital chips is the right move, although merchants are balking at the costs... Read more »

June 2, 2014


In our opinion: Overpopulation isn't the world's concern — the problem is too few births

National Edition

On a global scale, overpopulation is not nearly the concern that underpopulation will be. Human ingenuity has been and will continue to be the key to solving a host of ills that once seemed to loom... Read more »

June 1, 2014


In our opinion: New data about sexually explicit information shows Utah ranks 40th of 50 states

An analysis of new data conducted by Canadian blogger Tom Stringham reveals that Utah ranks 40th of all 50 states — and well below the national average — in viewing pornography. Read more »

May 31, 2014


In our opinion: In moving state fair, consider economic development with an educational anchor

Some have talked of turning the Fairpark property over to private concerns for transit-oriented development. That thinking is a good start, but still too inside-the-box. We'd like to see some... Read more »

May 30, 2014


In our opinion: Judge's decision on the fate of Park City Mountain Resort should prod, not hinder, business negotiations

In the case involving the fate of Park City Mountain Resort, Judge Ryan Harris said last week that the ski resort simply missed its 2011 deadline for renewing its lease. In failing to renew, the... Read more »

May 29, 2014


In our opinion: Judge should release courtroom testimony central to case against Angel Garcia

Angel Vizuet Garcia is charged with repeatedly sexually assaulting a teenage girl over a period of years. Unfortunately, an important portion of the record has so far been kept from public view.... Read more »

May 28, 2014


In our opinion: Sundance Film Festival offers — and can offer — an iconic reflection of the best of Utah

Sundance has endowed Utah with an aura of a place that is hip and artsy. This provides many with a measure of civic pride. And considerable benefits inure to the travel, tourism and hospitality... Read more »

May 27, 2014


In our opinion: Raising digital kids

The projection known as “Moore’s Law” explains why today’s smartphones hold a quarter-million times the data-storage of Apollo 11 spaceship’s onboard computer. Read more »

May 25, 2014


In our opinion: Memorial Day is a time to remember those who died — even recently — to protect freedoms

Unlike so many other world powers in history, the U.S. sends its forces abroad to preserve an idea, not to expand its power. Tyranny in Afghanistan, for the moment, has been set aside.... Read more »

May 25, 2014


In our opinion: Pregnancy, abortion rates run counter to Millennial generation stereotype

National Edition

A recent report shows that rates of pregnancy among teenage females in 2010 has declined 51 percent since a high in 1990. Equally significantly, there has also been a drop in rates of abortion:... Read more »

May 23, 2014


In our opinion: How does Orrin Hatch pass so many laws? Bipartisanship

Finding consensus requires compromise, a concept disagreeable to many on both ends of the political spectrum. Angry voices frequently dominate our political discussion, many of which belong to... Read more »

May 23, 2014


In our opinion: Decision about validity of marriages during 17-day period of chaos should be delayed for now

The debate over same-sex marriage has been hotly contested in Utah since December. On Monday, another federal district court compounded the chaos, with a decision that threatens to return Utah to... Read more »

May 22, 2014


In our opinion: The challenges of global poverty are being tackled through economic growth

National Edition

Efforts to reduce rates of international poverty have been successful in recent decades, despite evidence that most people believe the problem has actually gotten worse. While the wealthy are... Read more »

May 21, 2014


In our opinion: Closed-minded universities flirt with irrelevance as they exclude commencement speakers

Protesters that rejected highly successful and prestigious commencement speakers are only a symptom of a larger problem. But it is one that no-doubt has caught the attention of parents and students... Read more »

May 20, 2014


In our opinion: Social impact bonds offer a way to get measurable results for social service investments

Paying for initiatives in public education has traditionally required a tax levy or issuance of bonds backed by government entities. But now there is a new experiment in Utah involving a... Read more »

May 19, 2014


In our opinion: Deferred maintenance costs for university buildings can balloon without proper planning

When a university unveils a new building, it attracts lots of attention and publicity. Universities should seek funding to endow ongoing maintenance of structures at the same time that capital... Read more »

May 18, 2014


In our opinion: Focus on religious freedom and education can best help Nigeria

Effective long-term strategies, however, could have a lasting impact, both for the good of those who suffer and for the security of the United States. Read more »

May 17, 2014


In our opinion: Lagging labor participation rate continues to show troubling signs about economic health

Unfortunately, the unemployment number is largely irrelevant. It ignores a growing segment of the population that is so discouraged it has stopped looking for work. True economic recovery must... Read more »

May 16, 2014


In our opinion: Minimum wage hike would cut jobs and hamper economy

When it comes to questions of whether to raise the federal minimum wage, it may not be popular to stick to facts that indicate a mandated pay increase would hurt the economy. Unfortunately,... Read more »

May 15, 2014


In our opinion: Progress from conservatives, state officials, Obama administration bodes well for immigration reform

President Obama said that immigration “would lower our deficits; it would grow our economy; it would bring in some of the most skilled people around the world. We want them to continue to... Read more »

May 15, 2014


In our opinion: Restoring Wire Act to original purpose would help protect states from Internet gambling

In March, Rep. Jason Chaffetz introduced the bipartisan Restoration of America’s Wire Act to clarify the intent of the Wire Act and restore its original interpretation. A companion bill has... Read more »

May 14, 2014


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