In our opinion: Encouraging dialogue taking place concerning corporate tax rate

Efforts are underway in Washington to lower the corporate tax rate, which is the highest in the free world.

In our opinion: As conflicts continue, Martin Luther King's ’64 Nobel Prize speech remains applicable today

Martin Luther King's 1964 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech remains applicable today. Included among the excerpts: "... the beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than diamonds... Read more »

Dec. 10, 2014


In our opinion: With oil prices dropping, Utah's taking control of federal lands isn't the best option available

With the prices of oil falling, the financial feasibility of Utah benefiting from taking control of federal lands is uncertain at best and potentially costly to taxpayers. There are other options... Read more »

Dec. 9, 2014


In our opinion: Legislature needs to address transportation needs now

The Utah Legislature should seize the opportunity to make at least some investment in transportation upgrades and expansion, even though it may require increases in taxing levels. A viable... Read more »

Dec. 8, 2014


In our opinion: Malala and family — how parents defied Pakistani culture to foster a Nobel Peace Prize-winning daughter

National Edition

At 17, Malala Yousafzai is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient. But her parents also deserve recognition in countering Pakistani culture to promote gender equality and education. Read more »

Dec. 7, 2014


In our opinion: Saving the sockeye salmon — a successful recovery of an endangered species

The recovery of the central Idaho sockeye salmon — on the list of endangered species — is a success story worth repeating to rescue other depleted populations. Here is how it was done. Read more »

Dec. 6, 2014


In our opinion: Support the Healthy Utah plan

Abandoning the poor and the needy, apart from being morally irresponsible, isn’t a wise use of taxpayer dollars. As Gov. Gary Herbert said in his press conference, “Turning a blind eye... Read more »

Dec. 6, 2014


In our opinion: U.S., Latin America benefit from Trans-Pacific Partnership trading

Both the U.S. and Latin America benefit greatly from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In order for TPP to continue to succeed, it needs advocacy about the plan’s geoeconomic benefits, more... Read more »

Dec. 5, 2014


In our opinion: Policy dilemna — how to handle prison issues with large number of sex offenders?

More people in Utah prisons are there for sexual assault offenses than any other category of crime. In hopes of reducing incarceration rates and prison populations, Utah may need to look to reform... Read more »

Dec. 4, 2014


In our opinion: First-year law made electoral process more inclusive — why threaten it already?

A first-year law that served as a compromise between Utah's caucus/convention system and the Count My Vote initiative — making the electoral process more inclusive — is under threat by... Read more »

Dec. 3, 2014


In our opinion: Energy drink warning

Parents generally know not to let their children drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Parents instinctively have kept children from drinking coffee. Now it’s time for that wisdom to be extended... Read more »

Dec. 2, 2014


In our opinion: Growth of charter schools is positive sign for education

Charter schools currently are experiencing a huge groundswell of support. Parents and students now recognize them as a viable alternative to traditional public schools, and that’s an... Read more »

Dec. 1, 2014


In our opinion: Sportsmanship and civility in college athletics

Is dignity and decency in college athletics being replaced by preening and posturing? University of Utah President David W. Pershing and Brigham Young University President Kevin J Worthen offer... Read more »

Nov. 30, 2014


In our opinion: Fixing the Affordable Care Act's 'lack of transparency'

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber attributed the Affordable Care Act's passage to a “lack of transparency” and “the stupidity of the American voter.” There are rash and... Read more »

Nov. 29, 2014


In our opinion: Mountain Accord shouldn't be 'either-or' options but a balanced consensus

The challenge in the Mountain Accord to seeking long-term guidelines for best use of the central Wasatch is to make sure there is adequate balance between backcountry recreation interests and... Read more »

Nov. 28, 2014


In our opinion: Immigration and compromise — opportunity lost

Given the confrontational spirit in which the executive order on immigration was issued, it is now less likely that Congress and the president will be able to fashion a workable compromise that... Read more »

Nov. 27, 2014


In our opinion: Ferguson misses its chance to make a difference

Despite pleas for appropriate reaction to the Ferguson grand jury decision Monday, protests turned violent. Those seeking vigilante justice will discover in time that the only people they have... Read more »

Nov. 26, 2014


In our opinion: Don't make Hagel a scapegoat; don't have a powerless defense secretary

With Monday's resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the Obama administration should not make Hagel a scapegoat for recent foreign policy problems and should find a qualified replacement... Read more »

Nov. 25, 2014


In our opinion: Thankfully speaking — reminders for us to feel, speak and act with thankfulness

It is good to have a grateful heart. It is better to express that gratitude to others. And it is best to underscore both with acts of gratitude and appreciation. Read more »

Nov. 23, 2014

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In our opinion: U.S. needs immigration reform, not immigration 'bad form'

The nation is in need of a type of immigration reform, but Congress failed to act on immigration reform, and President Obama's executive order is on thin ice constitutionally. This is a painful... Read more »

Nov. 21, 2014


In our opinion: 70 mph — driving at the speed of sound engineering or sound policy?

When the speed limit is raised next month to 70 mph on sections of freeway along the Wasatch Front, the Utah Highway Patrol says it will more strictly enforce speeding laws. But the big question is... Read more »

Nov. 21, 2014


In our opinion: Smoking aside, Utah can still limit lung cancer with improved air quality

When it comes to preventing lung cancer, Utah can't rest on its laurels of nation's best in limiting tobacco-related factors. But Utah struggles with air quality issues, which can also cause lung... Read more »

Nov. 20, 2014


In our opinion: When it comes to nuclear development, can Iran really be trusted?

For years, Iran has feverishly worked toward developing a nuclear weapon, despite objections from Israel and the U.S. Repeatedly demonstrating they are untroubled by Western censure, Iranian... Read more »

Nov. 19, 2014


In our opinion: Don't treat juveniles the same way as hardened criminals

Teenagers do not belong in the same correctional facility as adult offenders, and the Utah law that paves the way for them to be judged and punished as hardened career criminals is cruel, archaic... Read more »

Nov. 18, 2014


In our opinion: Keystone Pipeline project makes sense — so let's complete it

Look at the pluses for the Keystone Pipeline project — much of it already exists, it provides a safe method of transporting crude oil, and it would aid in the North American energy dominance. Read more »

Nov. 17, 2014


In our opinion: A Supreme missed opportunity on helping define marriage

While federal judges were erasing state marriage-definition amendments and allowing same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court could have led out in helping chart a course, rather than seeming to follow... Read more »

Nov. 16, 2014


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