In our opinion: Secret Service targeting Representative Jason Chaffetz

Rep. Jason Chaffetz is rightfully angered by disclosures that the Secret Service released private information.

In our opinion: Past planning has helped Utah's parks — with more forethought needed now

Interest in Utah's national and state parks continues to increase, with no end in sight. This brings great opportunities, but it also presents serious challenges to manage resources and... Read more »

Aug. 11, 2015


In our opinion: Utah poised to begin transition to alternative energy

The problem with making the energy switch is that none of the alternatives to fossil fuel have been economically viable. Furthermore, such alternatives have not been available on the scale... Read more »

Aug. 10, 2015


In our opinion: Teacher tax incentives — Utah needs to create desirable environment for future educators

For Utah to experience more economic growth, the state is going to have to put policy emphasis on creating a positive environment for those who would consider a career as a public school teacher. Read more »

Aug. 9, 2015


In our opinion: Global Cities Initiative can help spark Salt Lake County's exports game

Although America’s metropolitan areas are recovering from the recession, there is room for significant improvement. That’s why many metro regions are getting a running start into the... Read more »

Aug. 8, 2015


In our opinion: Beijing's winning of 2022 Games should have Salt Lake proceeding with Olympic-sized caution

Beijing was awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics more by default than on merit. Other venues dropped out because of concerns over spiraling costs and unrealistic IOC demands. We support the bid to host... Read more »

Aug. 7, 2015


In our opinion: State involvement in Lyman case is not a productive posture

It’s unfortunate that instead of addressing economic issues facing rural communities, time and attention is being given to defending a San Juan County commissioner convicted of violating... Read more »

Aug. 6, 2015


In our opinion: Herbert's chairing of U.S. governors group puts Utah on national stage

Gov. Gary Herbert’s new role as chairman of the National Governors Association is a boon for Utah, which has demonstrated that states can provide innovative solutions to problems proving to... Read more »

Aug. 5, 2015


In our opinion: Outdoor Retailer markets connect enthusiasts with Utah's outdoors

We welcome the biannual Outdoor Retailer expo, which provides a chance for people from around the world to travel to our state, which is becoming something of a mecca for outdoor recreation. Read more »

Aug. 4, 2015


In our opinion: Poll shows Utahns favor restricting development of prime agricultural land

Envision Utah released a poll this week showing an overwhelming majority of Utahns, 82 percent, supports finding ways to restrict builders from encroaching on agricultural land. Read more »

Aug. 3, 2015


Letter: Lagoon animals

As summer nears its midpoint, what’s more fun than the Lagoon amusement park? I’m a teacher and chaperoned a Lagoon field trip; it’s a great time, but then came that train ride. I didn’t know about the wild... Read more »

Aug. 2, 2015


In our opinion: Optimism in politics would be a welcome change

The best way forward is for both parties to fight optimistically for long-term solutions. Instead of tearing down, candidates and policymakers should seek ways to build up. Read more »

Aug. 2, 2015


In our opinion: NASA's New Horizons opens up a great future of space exploration

The New Horizons space probe has confirmed Pluto is bigger than previously thought and now officially the largest non-planetary object in the solar system. And it's a remarkable achievement that we... Read more »

Aug. 1, 2015


In our opinion: After change to state pension program for public employees, personal contributions to plans slow in coming

Utah revised its pension system for public employees, shifting from a traditional defined benefits approach to one favoring matching contributions to 401k accounts. But workers have been slow to up... Read more »

July 31, 2015


In our opinion: Time to phase out federal highway trust fund

Now is a good time to begin phasing out the federal highway trust fund and letting states grapple with ways to impose effective user fees for transportation infrastructure. Read more »

July 30, 2015


In our opinion: Teacher pay one way to help avoid a potential crisis in declining interest in an education career

The decline in the number of those interested in pursing a teaching profession as well as a decrease in their academic achievements, particularly in science and math, is disconcerting. It's a... Read more »

July 29, 2015


In our opinion: Trump's statements on Mexican immigrants are incendiary, incorrect

What presidential candidate Donald Trump said about Mexico "sending people that have lots of problems" — including rapists, criminals and drug traffickers — is not only unnecessarily... Read more »

July 28, 2015


In our opinion: School libraries need funding, innovation to help turn recent trends

The funding for school libraries has diminished over the years, as has the number of schools overall. Funding, donations and innovations are critical to help school reverse the trend of limited... Read more »

July 27, 2015


In our opinion: An effort of 'Gentlemen' — helping parents talk with children and aiding character development

The nonprofit Gentlemen Project is an initiative to help parents breach taboo talking points with their children. Developing true habits of character in children makes it easier for them to address... Read more »

July 26, 2015

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In our opinion: Saluting milestones for Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah Hospital

The Huntsman Cancer Institute is now a comprehensive cancer center, while the affiliated University of Utah Hospital is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The size and quality of the health care... Read more »

July 24, 2015


In our opinion: Salt Lake City's proposed $150 million bond for parks and rec deserves close scrutiny

A proposed $150 million bond issue to revamp Salt Lake City’s parks and recreation offerings deserves close scrutiny by voters who will likely be facing other requests for tax increases. The... Read more »

July 23, 2015


In our opinion: Election debates should be a must-see for savvy voters

It's important for voters to pay attention to the upcoming, revealing portion of the election cycle — debate season. Debates give many a chance to hear candidates for the first time and as... Read more »

July 22, 2015


In our opinion: Evolution of renewable energy sources has Utah already in transition

Solar, wind and biomass sources are growing and continue to account for a larger share of the overall energy market. Utah’s energy policies have the state squarely in place to take on a... Read more »

July 21, 2015


In our opinion: Mountain Accord is a display of prudent land planning and cooperative effort among many stakeholders

The signing of the Mountain Accord as a blueprint for future Central Wasatch development is both a victory for those committed to the prudent use of the lands in question and a rare platform of... Read more »

July 20, 2015

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In our opinion: A life devoted to charitable service

Sister Nirmala Joshi, the former superior general of the Missionaries of Charity, is gone now, but her example continues through all who offer charitable service. It is her pure spirit of caring... Read more »

July 19, 2015


In our opinion: El Chapo's escape is a rebuke of Mexico's claim to be reining in its drug lords

Any hope that Mexico had turned the corner in reversing decades of corruption has now vanished with drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who escaped that country's maximum-security... Read more »

July 18, 2015


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