In our opinion: Trump's statements on Mexican immigrants are incendiary

What Trump said about Mexico "sending people that have lots of problems" is unnecessarily incendiary.

In our opinion: Enjoy fireworks safely; carelessness can result in catastrophe

July means not one but two holiday periods where residential fireworks are allowed. Dry materials and incendiary devices can be a recipe for disaster, so a healthy dose of common sense —... Read more »

July 1, 2015

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In our opinion: Don't let 50-year-old Land and Water Conservation Fund program dry up

The Land and Water Conservation Fund — a 50-year-old public, state and national water and parks program — will expire at the end of September, unless reauthorized by Congress. Read more »

June 30, 2015


In our opinion: As July holidays approach, Utah still needs improvement in DUI prevention, enforcement

Utah's record on DUI prevention and enforcement is a mixed bag of encouraging statistics and discouraging numbers. Arrests have dropped, fatalities have gone up, and Utah has toughened its DUI... Read more »

June 29, 2015


In our opinion: APUSH in the wrong direction? Looking at revised U.S. history curriculum for AP students

The College Board — which oversees the SAT test and Advanced Placement courses — made sweeping changes to the AP U.S. history outline. Critics say the new 134-page APUSH Framework... Read more »

June 28, 2015


In our opinion: After court's marriage ruling, respect differences and reaffirm religious liberties

With the Supreme Court’s creating a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, our best course is to treat others of differing opinions and lifestyles with respect and dignity. We hope the... Read more »

June 26, 2015


In our opinion: In wake of ACA ruling, Congress and president can calmly address needed improvements

With the legality of the Affordable Care Act's subsidized exchanges now clarified, Congress and the president can now address needed improvements of the law in a calm and statesmanlike manner. Read more »

June 25, 2015


In our opinion: Targeting campus sexual assaults with preventative methods, not just post-assault prosecution

In dealing with the increased number of sexual assaults on college campuses, a new study out of Canada offers compelling evidence of the effectiveness of efforts aimed more at prevention than... Read more »

June 25, 2015


In our opinion: Seen as a symbol of subjugation and slaughter, the Confederate battle flag should go the way of the swastika

Despite a history of 2,000 years, the gammadion cross is now known as the swastika of Germany's Nazi Party of the 1930s and '40s and is associated with hatred, horror and genocide. The Confederate... Read more »

June 24, 2015


In our opinion: Time to consider local tax increases to enhance transportation infrastructure

Cities and counties throughout Utah have begun the process of allowing voters to decide on a sales tax increase to expand and improve transportation infrastructure. There's a pressing need to catch... Read more »

June 22, 2015


Genny Rowley: Pope’s encyclical a reminder of our common call: love of neighbor

The pope’s encyclical invites us to something basic: the love of neighbor. We have reached a moment in history in which love of neighbor must necessarily take on new forms and meaning. Read more »

June 21, 2015


In our opinion: As we mourn with Charleston, families of murder victims have set example of forgiveness

The family members of the nine worshippers murdered at Charleston's Emanuel AME Church have set a national tone of mourning and — more importantly — expressions of sincere forgiveness. Read more »

June 20, 2015


In our opinion: Adopted 233 years today, the Great Seal of the United States merits attention and appreciation

The Great Seal of the United States was adopted by Congress 233 years ago today. It is easily found on the back of the $1 bill and deserves careful attention and analysis to its representation of... Read more »

June 20, 2015


In our opinion: Charleston church murders put racial hatred, attacks on worship in spotlight

The deadly attack Wednesday night at a house of worship in Charleston, South Carolina, was an assault on all Americans as well as on a bedrock principle of American liberty — the right to... Read more »

June 18, 2015


In our opinion: Pope Francis' encyclical is a call to recognize 'human ecology'

We welcome Pope Francis' encyclical on climate change and his practical contributions to the modern moral discussion that includes both our natural and human ecologies, and we hope people are wise... Read more »

June 18, 2015


In our opinion: Congress doesn't understand that fast-track trade authority for Obama is in country's best interests

Without fast-track authority, every trade agreement would have 435 representatives and 100 senators sitting with the president at the negotiation table. That’s a logistical nightmare, and... Read more »

June 17, 2015


In our opinion: Lessons to be learned from Becker-Burbank episode on handling of sexual harrassment claims

The back-and-forth between Salt Lake City's mayor and recently resigned police chief on who did what and why will continue, but it is important for the city that its leaders take lessons from the... Read more »

June 16, 2015


In our opinion: Be cautious, but not overly so, when regulating fracking for oil production

Fracking, done properly and with the proper techniques and safety valves, is a vital tool that will push the nation’s economy forward while protecting national security. Read more »

June 15, 2015


In our opinion: How will your current credit card debt impact your future?

The average household carries credit card debt of more than $7,000. And studies show people nearing retirement age are woefully unprepared to meet future financial needs. Read more »

June 14, 2015


In our opinion: Celebrating sports championships shouldn't be about looting, burning and other criminal activity

The 2015 NBA Finals are far from over, and yet the worrying and handwringing have begun over post-championship celebrations possibly turning violent. It's time to stop the lawlessness of flipping... Read more »

June 13, 2015


In our opinion: Teacher retention — a major concern for Utah

Only 70 percent of new teachers stay in the profession for at least five years. Retention should be a priority because teachers improve with age. A Brown University study shows student test scores... Read more »

June 12, 2015


In our opinion: New water rule illustrates how government is not supposed to work

The new Water of the United States (WOTUS) rule represents significant overreach on the part of the EPA's administration, which is why this rule ought to be significantly limited or scrapped... Read more »

June 11, 2015


Richard Davis: Ignoring the centrist vote is dangerously narrow campaign strategy

Recently, the New York Times reported that the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign has already determined its general election strategy for next year. As presumptuous as this is, the strategy... Read more »

June 10, 2015


In our opinion: The public deserves transparency with nonprofit charity funds

National Edition

A question everyone ought to be asking: Do philanthropic organizations overpay their executives? How much of what people donate actually is used for charitable causes? Read more »

June 10, 2015


In our opinion: War over 'Count My Vote' needs to end

Gov. Gary Herbert recently likened the Republican Party’s division over new candidate nominating rules (written into a law titled SB54 and otherwise known as the “Count My Vote”... Read more »

June 9, 2015


In our opinion: Supreme Court deserves credit for defending religious liberty

National Edition

Few may have noticed the Supreme Court consistently defending religious liberty in a string of cases involving contraceptives. For the most part, the court defends the important role that faith... Read more »

June 8, 2015


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