Editorial: Declining abortion rates welcome, but it don't mirror Gallup's poll

The decrease in abortion rates doesn't mirror a change in "the state of moral values," as surveyed in a Gallup poll.

Letter: Crown thy good

I have always been impressed by the inspired vision of our Founding Fathers. Katharine Lee Bates, it seems to me, reflected their vision very powerfully in her final penning of “America the Beautiful” in 1913. Read more »

15 hours ago


Letter: ‘Correct’ beliefs

I have been around for a while and have seen a lot of changes in our society and government. But I never expected to see many of my beliefs and standards attacked like they are today. Read more »

15 hours ago


Letter: Developing areas

Some people in Utah want the prison to stay in its present location in Draper. If the people of Utah had this same mentality 70 years ago, the prison would still be located in Sugar House. Not a good idea. Read more »

15 hours ago


Letter: Religion in office

If a public official can be removed or forced from office because their religious convictions prohibit them from participating in same-gender marriages, does that not constitute a religious test for holding office? Read more »

15 hours ago


In our opinion: Declaration of Independence — a document worthy of review

On the 239th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we provide lengthy excerpts from the beginning and conclusion of that symbolic manuscript of liberty, drafted by Thomas... Read more »



My view: Everything you think you know about Republicans and climate change is wrong

Everything you think you know about Republicans and climate change is a myth. Read more »



Greg Bell: Smartphones, tablets, laptops are leading to assaults on the 'here and now'

Our obsession with and use of cellphones, tablets and laptops are a new addiction, as a new generation is being swallowed up in tiny screens and often trivial communications. Rather than more... Read more »



Letter: Patriotism has not died

Patriotism, that deep sacred emotion, has not died. It still flourishes in the hearts of many (I believe the majority) but is somewhat crushed by modern philosophies. Read more »



Natalie Gochnour: Patriotic grace blends gratitude for citizenship, a sense of responsibility and a representation of high ideals

Patriotic grace for me is a calling. It begins with gratitude for the gift of being born in this country. It extends into our actions — the way we live our citizenship. It comes with a sense... Read more »



Letter: The Fourth

The Fourth of July is a day of celebrations for what America once was. It is a day of lamentations for what America has become. Read more »



Jay Evensen: Don't let an apocalypse-free summer blind us to real dangers

In the back of my mind, I still can hear former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt, who assured me soon after leaving his post as Health and Human Services secretary for President George W. Bush, that future... Read more »

July 2, 2015


In our opinion: Supreme Court ruling for raisin farmer extends Fifth Amendment protections against property seizure

A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the rights of a California raisin farmer establishes a precedent that extended Fifth Amendment protections against government seizure of property are... Read more »

July 2, 2015


My view: Move the prison for the sake of better prisoner reform

If we pretend the prisoners do not exist while they are incarcerated — or that we would prefer they didn’t — we have no one to blame but ourselves when offender outcomes continue... Read more »

July 2, 2015


My view: Utah lawmakers can protect minorities from negative impacts of Clean Power Plan

EPA's new Clean Power Plan is regulation that will leave minority communities with disproportionately fewer jobs, lower incomes and higher poverty than whites. Read more »

July 2, 2015


Letter: ‘More taxes’ bug

If you want to help local businesses who currently have to collect local sales tax, then eliminate sales taxes altogether. I am sure our local politicians will find another way to squeeze us dry. Read more »

July 2, 2015


Dan Liljenquist: Time to relegate the Confederate battle flag to museums and Civil War reenactments

Symbols matter, and the Confederate battle flag has become a symbol of institutional, violent racism. It is time for the permanent retirement of the Confederate battle flag. It should be relegated... Read more »

July 2, 2015


Letter: A ‘cursory’ look

The public deserves to know how much Bob Nardi is being paid by the PRC to counter rising opposition against moving the Utah State Prison. Read more »

July 2, 2015


Letter: Online sales tax

Consumers that purchase goods from mail order catalogs do not pay a sales tax; they shouldn’t have to pay a sales tax for their online purchases. Read more »

July 2, 2015


My view: Poor federal stewardship threatens energy development of our public lands

Large, irreversible withdrawals are among the worst examples of stewardship on federal lands; they are decided without regard to unique geologic deposits that might be available for development. Read more »

July 1, 2015


Jay Evensen: Allowing states to collect sales taxes from online purchases is a tough sell

The 21st-century economy has innovated itself to a point where old tax structures no longer seem fair, effective or conducive to innovation. Read more »

July 1, 2015


In our opinion: Enjoy fireworks safely; carelessness can result in catastrophe

July means not one but two holiday periods where residential fireworks are allowed. Dry materials and incendiary devices can be a recipe for disaster, so a healthy dose of common sense —... Read more »

July 1, 2015

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Richard Davis: Time to fix Obamacare rather than fight it in court

Obamacare is far from perfect. It was cobbled together badly. Implementation has been problematic. Now that the legal battles over Obamacare are over, the president and the Congress should work... Read more »

July 1, 2015


Arthur Cyr: Greek economic spiral will likely not mirror recent American recession

The long-term success in Europe’s economic integration, plus an expanding influential body of European law, encourages bureaucratic belief that economic market coordination is the same as... Read more »

July 1, 2015


Letter: Trump’s chances

I’m certain that Donald Trump has no chance of becoming our next president. His ability to offend others would create a crisis not only with our current allies, but with other countries that don’t like us anyway. Read more »

July 1, 2015


Letter: Disregarding liberty, laws

The Constitution is on life support. But ignorance of constitutional law by American citizens is only part of the problem. Read more »

July 1, 2015


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